Week 4: Content Discussion

Week 4: Content Discussion
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Turn to the Chapter 4: Workforce Focus Discussion Questions on pages 195-197 of your Managing for Quality and Performance Excellence text. Respond to one the following questions:

Option 1: Review the Hackman and Oldham organization design model on page 167.  Then consider a job you have (or had).  Apply the model to evaluate how the job design impacted your motivation and satisfaction, as well as organization effectiveness. [Discussion Question 9]
Option 2: On pages 183-185 of the text, review the discussion of Performance Appraisals.  What are the main points of controversy?  What is the best performance appraisal approach you have experienced (at work or school)?  Do you agree with the 360-degree feedback approach or do you take a more traditional viewpoint toward performance reviews?  Why?
Option 3: What motivates you to study and perform in the [on-line] classroom?  How do the motivation theories discussed in the text apply to you personally?  Give a couple of specific examples, please.  Make a suggestion based on the motivation theories that might lead to better ways of teaching and learning. [Discussion Question 7]
Click on Reply below to post your initial thread to this discussion by Thursday 11:59PM of this week. Include information from the weekly readings to support your response. You may write an essay of 300-500 words that responds to one of the questions or record a 1-2 minute video in this forum or on YouTube using your APU NetID and password and link the video in this discussion.

Read the Discussion Board posts of at least five other students.  Post a thoughtful reflection of at least 100 words for two other students by clicking on Reply below their posts by Saturday 11:59PM of this week. Alternately, you may prepare a 1-minute video response to two other students by inserting a video in this discussion or uploading it to YouTube and post the link in the Discussion Forum. Please respond to those students who provide feedback on your post , as a “back-and-forth” discussion can be fruitful for learning.

To view the grading rubric associated with this discussion, click the Options icon (3 dots) in the top right corner of the page, and select Show Rubric.


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