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functions of human resource management

Functions of HRM
[WLO: 3] [CLOs: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5]
The primary function of HRM is to increase the effectiveness and contribution of employees attaining organizational goals and objectives. Consider all the areas of HRM that have been discussed in this course:

Performance management
Human resources planning, recruitment, and selection
Human resources development
Compensation and benefits
Employment and labor laws and regulations
In your final paper,

Provide a high-level overview of each HRM area listed above.
Discuss HR functions within a performance management system that contribute to effective training and development.
Explain how an effective performance management system along with compensation and benefits can attract, develop, and retain talented employees.
Analyze employment and labor laws and regulations that impact these areas of HRM listed above and the relationships between employees and employers.
Explain how the functions of HRM

business management

Question 1

Why is strong marketing management probably more important in healthcare than in other industries?

Question 2

What is the explanation for the growing influence of marketing research on the decision-making process in healthcare?


Thomas, R (2020). Marketing Health Services: Fourth Edition. Foundation of the American College of Healthcare Executives

should include at least two peer-reviewed article/journal/book as a citation (not including the course textbook)

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Project Proposal
Throughout this course, you will work in each unit to build a project plan that will ultimately become your final deliverable for Unit VIII. Starting in Unit II, you will begin creating components that will cumulatively make up your final project plan. Your professor will grade each component and offer feedback. The feedback can then be used to make any improvements before submitting all components of the final project plan in Unit VIII.
The outline below represents how your final project plan should be organized.
Project Overview (Units II and III)
1.1 Purpose, Scope and Objectives, and Business Case
1.1.1 Scope
1.1.2 Statement of Work (SOW)
1.1.3 Business Case
1.2 Project Deliverables
1.3 Project Organization
1.4 Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
1.4.1 Task Description Documentation
1.4.2 Organization Breakdown Structure (OBS)
1.5 Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM)
1.6 Work Authorization
1.7 Work Charter
Risk Assessmen

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Ratio Analysis
This is your opportunity to play detective and do some financial statement analysis. Please select any publicly traded company. The CSU Online Library has several databases to choose from that are good starting points for your research:
Mergent Online,
Business Insights: Global,
Business Source Ultimate, and
ABI/INFORM Collection.
In addition to using at least one database article or report from the CSU Online Library, you may also use any reliable website, such as the companys web page.
For the company you select, find the annual report and the financial ratio information for the following ratios:
current ratio,
return on equity,
quick ratio,
working capital ratio,
price earnings ratio, and
earnings per share.
Once you have reviewed the information, write an essay that begins with a brief introduction to your chosen company. Next, explain how the company is doing with respect to the ratios. In one to three sen

Cross culture synthesis paper

The purpose of this paper is for you to make connections between and among the topics that you addressed in weeks 1 through 6.

Note this paper is NOT a cut and paste of your posts and threaded comments. It is an analysis of the interrelationships of themes, topics, and implications of your work from the first six weeks of the course.

Your paper should address the following:

      Information collected from your posts and some of the more provocative insights from your classmates to create an amalgam that spans the six weeks of the posting assignments.

      The articles you select to use in your weekly posts could be about debates and controversies in cross-cultural management and its impact on leadership.

Requirements include:
      The final paper should be 8-10 pages in length.

      Include at least 10 references (these may be from your readings throughout the course as wel

Leadership Analysis reflection

I have attached the assignment sheet for this paper, for you to read in detail... this is a personal essay so you can come up with reflective ideas that make the paper look good. There are two main questions to answer: Who are you as a Leader? and Who do you want to become as a leader?

The following is a more detailed description:

The Leadership Analysis Assignment requires students to work independently to reflect on and write about their preferred leadership style (e.g., authoritative and participative) and behaviours (e.g., transactional and transformational). Students will prepare a concise five-page report (following APA guidelines) that critically examines their personal leadership profile.

There are three sources that you need to include:

Your 5C Leadership self-assessment scores from

George et al.s Your Development as an Authentic Leader questions on page 5

Welty Peachey et al.s Individual

Angel City Takeaways

Two separate Takeaways articles for two different videos. One page for one video.

(Skip the second presentation from team 3)


Skill Development Plan

Your goal for this assignment is to: Practice your communication skill by using the Skill Development Plan Template to outline a plan for developing skills to support a successful learning experience and career. (See the Skill Development Plan Sample.)

Steps to complete: In Week 9, complete and submit your Skill Development Plan using the following steps:

STEP 1: Identify the targeted skill. Summarize your strengths and areas of improvement in this skill area. Then, identify your desired outcomes around this skill area and write a positive goal statement. Complete the following sections of the template: Target Skill, Strengths, Areas of Improvement, Desired Outcome, and Goal Statement.

STEP 2: Specify the actions you can take to work towards your goals, with specific strategies and practices that you can apply. Identify any potential obstacles and challenges to achieving your goal. Complete the following sections of the template: Practices for Growth, Action Steps,

Research paper on Leadership

The focus of the paper will be on the primary course text, Why Great Leaders Don't Take Yes for an Answer, but will require at least two other outside references. I have attached the main reference to use that summarizes the book. (For additional references Please use references I can pull up.)

Describe the book's major themes. What are the author's major points? What major themes of leadership science are incorporated into the text? A key to preparing the text summary is to find a central theme and build around it. 


Strategic Alternatives

Identify why you think that these are viable alternatives.  Consider the following.
What are the pros and cons associated with each?  What are the outcomes that each alternative will produce if chosen?  Detail what resource(s) the company possesses and must initiate in each alternative for success.  How do these alternatives impact the companys value creation?  What could the potential financial opportunities, or challenges, can occur from these alternatives.  What might be the impact on the Vision/Mission and the cultural and social images of the organization?