Module 13 Hum Discussion 7

Discussion 7
The Discussion Assignment
After completing this weeks reading assignment, answer two of the following questions (one from each module), and then read and comment on at least four of your fellow students postings. Note that two of these questions come from last weeks reading and two from this weeks reading. You may answer a third questions for up to 30 points extra credit!  In addition to your textbook, you are encouraged to use the FTCC Library database resources (NC Live, Issues and Controversies, Opposing Viewpoints, etc) as a source of supporting information for your posts. If you use an outside source, be sure to mention what it was and where you found it.  For information on accessing the FTCC Library databases, see the Resources in the weekly assignments folders.

(From Module 12) Explain how the electronic media, especially television, has forever changed American politics, citing examples. Do you think this is good or bad? Why?
(From Module 12) Discuss the rise of social networking, comparing it to other forms of communication that have come before.  How would you explain its explosive growth?  What are some of the positive aspects of social networking?  Some of the negative aspects?  Do you feel it is making the concept of a “Global Village” more of a reality, and is this good or bad?  Why?
(From Module 12) The rapid expansion of the World Wide Web, or WWW, has put vast amounts of information and entertainment within easy access. The web also contains many sites that dispense pornography, gambling opportunities, and the ravings of hate groups. Although these sites can be blocked through the installation of filters, these are not completely effective and they may limit access to important information such as AIDS awareness. Should efforts be made to limit the spread of objectionable material? How might this be done? What could be lost as a result? Explain your views.
(From Module 13) To make effective use of firearms, soldiers had to be well-drilled and subjected to rigid discipline. How have military models of organization influenced non-military social institutions? What are the advantages and disadvantages of military styles of organization when they are applied elsewhere? Note: much of the material in this question is found in chapter 15.
(From Module 13) Explain MAD. Do you think this is an inherently immoral policy? Can it continue to be the cornerstone of our military policy? Are there any alternatives other than the forging of effective arms control policies?  Do you think that the rational fear of destruction that leaders and people in both the U.S. and Soviet Union may have felt are shared by all who seek nuclear weapons in the world today?  What are the potential dangers of continued nuclear proliferation?


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