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Please review the attached paper and sources and answer the following questions:

1. Three challenges and solutions and conclusion
2. What are the difficulties involved in enacting the innovation into your organization?
3. What are solutions to these problems? Choose the real issuesnot just ones that are easy to solve. Make sure you are focusing on the specific issues of your unit at the local level.

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Word count:  1000 words

Paragraph structure

        Each essay should contain 5 well-organized paragraphs: Introductory paragraph,
          three body paragraphs (for each of the three factors) and a concluding paragraph.

        Each paragraph should contain a topic sentence, supporting details and a
          concluding sentence.

        Topic sentence in each paragraph should be highlighted/underlined

        Language errors should be avoided.

Instructions to avoid plagiarism

        List all the sources you have cited under the References at the end of your essay   
          in the alphabetical order. (use the Harvard referencing system)

Nathaniel Anderson

Components:  Social History Investigation/Alternative Sentencing Plan (Subject/Clients background or family of origin (Outline the clients family of origin, place of birth, Educational background, Quality of childhood, Physical and health history such as any documented substance abuse issues or mental disorders, etc.), Legal and criminal background, relationship history such as dating, Social support system including religious and spiritual beliefs, Housing status, Economic Status.

The Social History Investigation is completed from a proactive perspective because your goal is to defer this person from going into the correctional system. 

Df response

Answer the students posts as if youre having a discussion with them. Respond by name to each student. Cite and reference if needed.

Madison wrote:
Patient-centered medical home is a model that organized and delivers primary care where the care is patient-centered, accessible, and coordinated. Quality and safety are focused on. Transforming to a patient-centered medical home model can be somewhat difficult for some facilities. It costs time, money, and several resources are needed for a smooth transition. It is important that a practice has a strong foundation when going into a transformation. Leadership should be looking at their resources and assessing their readiness to take on the challenge of a transformation. The patient-centered medical home model would require extensive training so that the staff would be able to meet the needs of their patients. For example, if there is a large elderly population, then it's important to be prepared for that. For example, it would be b

The history and practices of composition studies

This is an extensive research paper, so I would like you to do all of it. However, the only thing due now is an outline of the final paper.  The outline should state the plan and justification for the paper.  I will upload the information for the paper, and a few of the sources to use. 


Answer the attached questions. The question's answers should be 3-4 sentences long and contain one source with an APA style citation. The citation should be listed right under the question's answer.

You will find some of the answers in the included attachments. In addition to the included sources you may use other sources to complete the questions as long as you include the APA citation.

Why You Should Strive to Be a Lifelong Learner:

What are the international economic measurement techniques?

Economic indicators measure macro-economic variables that directly or indirectly enable economists to judge whether economic performance has improved or deteriorated. Tracking these indicators is especially valuable to policy makers, both in terms of assessing whether to intervene and whether the intervention has worked or not. 

There are various techniques to measure these macro-economic variables. The most common indicators include are levels of real national income, Gross Domestic Product (GDP), spending, and output. National income, output, and spending are three key variables that indicate whether an economy is growing, or in recession. You can also write about the Human Development Index (HDI) or the Human Poverty Index (HPI). 

Please provide specific examples and explain at least 2 variables that are used as international economic measurements techniques (research the most recent data).

What is the biggest ISSUE in communicating weather hazards AND what might be a reasonable SOLUTION to this issue?

Write a 500-600 word (not including sources) expository essay (Links to an external site.) answering the following question:

QUESTION: What is the biggest ISSUE in communicating weather hazards AND what might be a reasonable SOLUTION to this issue?
Use at least one historic event as a reference (a HISTORIC event is any natural event that ENDED last year by Dec 31 or before).

Cite at least one credible primary or secondary source (Links to an external site.) (not Wikipedia or any tertiary resource) and include at least two appropriate and meaningful in-text citations (Links to an external site.) within your document using MLA8 format (Links to an external site.)

Submit your essay as a file upload in Canvas.

Social and Academic Peer Pressure of the Middle Schooler

Step 3. Research your topic and report your findings in a scholarly research paper. The paper should be at least 10 double-spaced pages long, 12-font (Times New Roman), and should utilize at least 10 current (no source older than 10 years 2006-2017) references unless you are making reference in a historical perspective. Your research paper should present an objective look at all sides of the issue.

Step 4. Follow the general guidelines listed below to prevent deductions based on mistakes regarding APA formatting or grammatical/mechanical errors. Papers may be submitted to Turnitin to verify originality. This is at the professors discretion.  Plagiarism is unacceptable and a grade of zero will be earned if plagiarism is greater than 20% on the original candidates report.  Reports will be compared to both professional publications and former teacher candidates work.


1. Important information about larger literary work
Provide title and publishing information for larger literary work. (We are reading mostly excerpts
from larger novels so it will be important to inform students where that excerpt comes from.)
Provide summary of greater novel / literary work and what happens to protagonist / other
important characters.
Discuss the reception of the novel / literary work.
o When it was published how was it received by critics?
o Did the work receive any awards (if yes, which ones)?
o How has it impacted the greater field of literature?
Translation of novel in popular culture: Was the work ever performed on stage or made into a
o Consider the inclusion of a brief clip of the movie / show to further discuss in your
presentation. Be prepared to explain details surrounding the meaning of the clip and
what the visual interpretation reveals about the text.
Presentation Requirements:
The group is to prepa