Social Issues

All students will choose a social issue and write an original 900-1000-word literary argument regarding what position(s) a short story takes on a social issue. The essay should also address how an authors use of a formal literary elementthe formal literary element addressed in part onehelps readers explore this social issue. Although the essay will describe and analyze the literary texts position(s) on a social issue, the essay should primarily argue what position a text takes on a social issue.

You may choose any social issue, but keep in mind that in projects two and three you will need to explore and analyze that issue through additional research. Additionally, in project two, you will decide whether you want to explore your social issue from a historical or a contemporary perspective. Feel free to consult the list of suggested topics as you formulate a topic.

For example, in your view, how does the use of character, setting, plot, and/or point of view in Richard Wrights Big Black Good Man reveal societys position (or varying positions) on racism in twentieth- century America? Does the text ultimately condone or criticize racism? Alternatively, does the text present opposing views? What about The Cask of Amontillado? Does this text reveal something unique about nineteenth-century attitudes towards revenge? Students may choose from the Literary Argument Topic Guide for project one to select an appropriate topic.

This essay should include all the elements of a literary argument, including an introduction with a thesis statement, a body (with at least three paragraphs), and a conclusion. Additionally, the essays background section in the introduction should include a definition of at least one formal literary element, preferably the element addressed in part one, and this definition may come from our textbook or another documented source. Other sections of the essay must include quotes from the text. Neither summaries of the short story nor biographical information about a storys author should be included in the paper.

Use MLA style for the format of the paper (and all other formal writing in this class) as well as for the required in-text citations and the Works Cited Page. Specifically, use 12-point Times New Roman font, double-space the text, and use one-inch margins. Add an in-text citation after each instance in which you have quoted or paraphrased a source, and create a Works Cited Page entry for each source that has been quoted in the paper.

The ENC 1102 Academic Writing Rubric (attached to this syllabus and stored in the Files section of Canvas) will be used to evaluate this essay.

The Writing Process

Students will engage writing as a process by completing an early, intermediate, and final draft of this essay.

The Early Draft should consist of a thesis statement, and it may be reviewed in small groups.

The Intermediate Draft should consist of two elements: 1.) the papers introductory paragraph and 2.) the papers Works Cited Page. The introductory paragraph should include the papers background section and thesis statement. The Works Cited Page should offer a list of the papers sources, to include only the selected short story from the textbook as well as the formal literary element referred to in the paper. Additional sources should not be included in this first paper. Students will receive feedback on this draft from their peers and the instructor.

The Final Draft should be a full draft (900-1000 words) which is formatted in MLA style, including the use of in-text citations and a Works Cited Page. The final draft should contain all the elements of a literary argument, as those elements (i.e., introduction, thesis statement, background, arguments in support of your thesis, conclusion) are described above.

The document should follow proper MLA format and be free of grammatical and stylistic errors.

Note: Additionally, the final draft should reflect the writers engagement with the revising, editing, and proofreading stages of the writing process; at minimum, the final draft should reflect the feedback provided by peers and the instructor. Students will convey their engagement with the revising, editing, and proofreading processes by highlighting many or all of the changes they have made to the intermediate draft. In many cases, students will highlight many, but not all, of the changes they have made. For example, most revisions should be highlighted; however, all proofreading changesparticularly if there are several, as there should be in a paper that has been carefully reviewed more than oncedo not need to be highlighted.

Important Notes for Projects 1, 2, and 3:

Final drafts that did not earn an A in the intermediate drafting stage should be significantly revised, or they may be lowered one letter grade.
The classs procedure for turning in intermediate and final drafts of projects is to upload them on time to the appropriate submission box in Canvas. Additionally, only these types of documents can be uploaded: 1.) .doc or 2.) .docx.
The receipt of any other file type, such as a PDF, one that cannot be opened, one that is blank, or one that contains an incorrect assignment will result in the submission receiving a zero, due to the document not addressing the assignment. Please do not upload a different file type and then state that you sent the wrong one. You are responsible for what you upload, so please view your submission before logging out of Canvas.
Remember to add an in-text citation after each instance in which you have quoted or paraphrased a source, and create a Works Cited Page entry for each source that has been quoted in the paper.


Your audience for Project One is a group of college students that possesses some familiarity with your social issue and primary source but that that has not previously conducted research on the topic.

The literary element you will using is Climax.
I attached the topic bank in which you will choose the topic from
Also attached is a sample outline and a sample paper which you can use for reference


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