Quality Improvement Initiative Evaluation

Quality Improvement Initiative Evaluation
Professional Context
Too often, discussions about quality health care, care costs, and outcome measures take place in isolationeach group talking among themselves about results and enhancements. Because nurses are critical to the delivery of high-quality, efficient health care, it is essential that they develop the proficiency to review, evaluate performance reports, and be able to effectively communicate outcome measures related to quality initiatives. The nursing staff’s perspective and the need to collaborate on quality care initiatives are fundamental to patient safety and positive institutional health care outcomes.

You have been asked to prepare and deliver an analysis of an existing quality improvement initiative at your workplace. The QI initiative you choose to analyze should be related to a specific disease, condition, or public health issue of personal or professional interest to you. The purpose of the report is to assess whether or not specific quality indicators point to improved patient safety, quality of care, cost and efficiency goals, and other desired metrics. Your target audience is nurses and other health professionals with specializations or interests in your chosen condition, disease, or public health issue.

In your report you will:

Define the disease.
Analyze how the condition is managed.
Identify the core performance measurements related to successful treatment or management of the condition.
Evaluate the impact of the quality indicators on the health care facility.
Be sure to address the bullet points below in your analysis, as they correspond to grading criteria in the scoring guide. You may also want to read the Quality Improvement Initiative Evaluation Scoring Guide to better understand the performance levels that relate to each grading criterion.
Additionally, be sure to review the Guiding Questions: Quality Improvement Initiative Evaluation document, linked in the resources, for additional clarification about things to consider when creating your assignment.

Analyze a current quality improvement initiative in a health care setting
Evaluate the success of a current quality improvement initiative through recognized benchmarks and outcome measures.
Incorporate interprofessional perspectives related to initiative functionality and outcomes.
Recommend additional indicators and protocols to improve and expand outcomes of a quality initiative.

Communicate evaluation and analysis in a professional and effective manner, writing content clearly and logically with the correct use of grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
Integrate relevant sources to support arguments, correctly formatting citations and references using current APA style.





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