Peer Response.

Response to peers. This is for follow up discussion boards. It need to include two original Journals  no older than 5 years,  as well and APA citations. 

This is what I need to reply to:

Professor and Class,

Florida is an interesting state to live in and write this assignment based off of. Florida being a peninsula is surrounded by coastal waters, making it vulnerable to numerous natural disasters. These include hurricanes, tropical storms, tornadoes and wildfires. Florida is vulnerable to nuclear power plant incidents, hazardous materials incidents, power disruptions, oil spills, and infrastructure disruption (Florida Division of Emergency Management, 2020, p. 7). Florida has maps of evacuation routes as well as flood and surge zones. Counties initiate their own protective measures, such as evacuations, activating public shelters, and other shelters designated for special needs or pets. The State Emergency Response Team (SERT) promotes regional and interregional planning and coordination of evacuation activities in collaboration with local emergency management, law enforcement, sheltering organizations, public information offices and adjacent states (Florida Division of Emergency Management, 2020, p. 27). Regional evacuation processes will be used by state and county governments to ease evacuation efforts. These interventions include lifting tolls, locking down drawbridges, deploying personnel, designating host counties for sheltering, ensuring sufficient fuel supply, and addressing emergency medical issues (Florida Division of Emergency Management, 2020, p. 28). Sheltering actions include requirement of any government owned facility excluding health care facilities be made available as hurricane evacuation shelters. The management plan includes supporting local action to provide direction for evacuees to safe shelter, including those with special needs. Strategies will be employed to ensure adequate shelter space in each region, and that each shelter has adequate staffing including medical and security personnel (Florida Division of Emergency Management, 2020, pp. 27-28).

The plan includes a reconstruction strategy that discusses planning and assessment to identify and resolve issues. The Long-Term Reconstruction includes components of the National Disaster Recovery Framework (NDRF). Six functional areas of this plan include: Community Planning and Capacity, Economic Development, Health and Social Services, Housing, Infrastructure/Critical Facilities, and Natural and Cultural Resources (Florida Division of Emergency Management, 2020, pp. 36-37). Stabilization and stimulation of the economy is a priority after disaster. Actions to engage this include repair and restoration of utilities, clearing debris, from major transportation routes, and restoration of essential services such as public transportation, schools, and waste collection. Keeping law enforcement, fire and rescue, and emergency medical services operational is also important.  All disasters start and end at the local level. Local government, voluntary agencies, and faith and community organizations are essential for recovery (Florida Division of Emergency Management, 2020, p. 37).

I’ll be sending you two more like this one,  but different deadline.

Thank you so much!


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