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Please share with your peers one of the client centered or person centered videos you have watched. Give us a brief overview of the client and the therapist. Then discuss the change process that occurred. Talk about the relationship or the theory as you watched it in action. Work from notes that you took during the video. Were there moments that surprised you?  How does change occur according to this theory? Be sure that your first post is scholarly, several paragraphs long,  with references well integrated into the post. Use outside references as well as our text books.

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This client-centered therapy approach shows Dr. Miller and Joe, the client, dealing with some very difficult topics such as the death of his baby that happened about eight years prior to the therapy session. Dr. Miller began by explaining that Joe would be talking for about half an hour, there will be a short break, and the pair will reconvene after the break to discuss. Joe began to explain the loss of his child and how difficult it was to go through while no longer being in therapy or being with the baby’s mother. Joe described his life post-death of his child and how he began hanging around the wrong type of people and didn’t have a strong connection with his parents. His father’s lack of support after Joe’s child’s death broke their relationship. However, at the time of his son’s funeral, many of Joe’s relationships had fallen apart. Now that Joe’s current fiance is pregnant,

Dr. Miller’s take on client-centered therapy revealed Joe’s family situation along with his desire to improve social relationships in his life. Then, Joe began talking about the positive relationships in his life such as his fiance and mother. It seemed to take a more positive turn and make him happy. Dr. Miller seemed to continuously interrupt Joe to try to learn more about the story and understand completely the extent of most of Joe’s relationships.

Dr. Miller proceeded to talk about Joe’s past and turn his past into goals for the future. Joe was able to analyze his own life and figure out how he can help himself. In some of these ways, Dr. Miller and Joe searched for different ways to improve his career, rekindle relationships with family and friends, and regain the support that he had been missing from them.


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