What You Need to Know About Writing an APA Research Paper

Writing an APA research paper starts by understanding what APA means. This will help you know where to start from and how to go about writing a research paper using the stated format. APA means American Psychological Association. While writing an APA research paper, remember that it is a guideline to writers that helps meet consistency and maintain a certain standard.

Writing an APA research paper is a preferred style in social science. There are many different cases which you may be required to categorically write a well researched essay using APA style. While writing an APA research paper, different aspects may be borrowed to ensure aspects of the style are followed. These include:

• Consider citing websites- When writing an APA research paper, the references are usually cited starting with the author’s last name first. Websites are often not cited and it may be a good thing to also consider citing websites which are continually being used to get information.
• How to write numbers- Numbers that are below 10 should be written in words. In addition when writing an APA research paper ensure you consistently give
• How to write footnotes and endnotes- Usually when writing an APA research paper, foot notes and end notes help recognize copyright issues as well as content. When you want to use endnotes or footnotes for content, it is often to describe
• Use a reference point that has been tried and tested. For example you could adopt Hamilton College’s J. Borton which recommends the following as a guideline
o Introduction- The introduction used when writing an APA research paper gives an oversight of what to include.
o Method- The method simply describes the process needed to effectively cover writing an APA research paper
o Research participants- Those involved in influencing the material used while writing a research paper.
o Materials used in the research- Books or the internet are often materials that most people use in writing an APA research paper.
o Procedure used – this mainly states the structure. In most cases the procedure involves brainstorming different ideas before finally settling on one particular point.
o Results found- Summarizes what was expounded in the main body of the essay that is characteristic when writing an APA research paper.
o Discussion of the results- Giving objective reasons why you are in favour of a particular point of view.
o Citation- Include your full reference list used when writing an APA research paper.
When writing an APA research paper find out what the abbreviation means. In this case it means American Physiological Association. This means it is adopted by the Americans. Remember that the APA style is used when dealing with various aspects in research writing including numbers, citation and the use of a reference point.

In addition seek to find out reference points that have been tried and tested before. Look out for Hamilton College’s J. Borton has a set of guidelines that may come in handy when writing an APA research paper.


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