What is Medical, Medicaid and Medicare?

Your Reflection must be at least 650 words (please include word count in subject line) and please cite at least 2 sources in APA format (one can be any of the readings, or videos from this course, and the other from an outside source (ex: journal article, book, movie, YouTube video etc). I will not accept late posts, so please plan your time accordingly.

This week we learned about rationing our healthcare, what exactly does that mean? What is rationing our healthcare based off of (ex: age, worth to society, community engagement), and in your opinion, does it make sense to ration healthcare on these factors? What age brings the greatest number of health problems? Should society care for us past a certain age, or does the cost outweigh the benefit? In your opinion, Is our healthcare system (USA) doing a good job caring for older adults, why or why not? Give any personal examples you may have (with parents, grandparents, patients etc). In addition to these questions, choose ONE of the following topics to write about and answer the question thoroughly: 

1. What is Medical, Medicaid and Medicare? Who qualifies to receive each one and what are the different parts of each, if any? Present your argument for or against why these programs are working or are not working.

2. Explain the Affordable Care Act, present an argument for or against why this system works or does not work. 

3. Choose two countries, other than the United States, and discuss the way their healthcare system is designed to care for older adults? Present arguments for or against why their systems are more or less successful than how we do things in the United States.

***Please use in-text citations when needed (APA), and include citations in a Reference section following your paper. Do not include an Abstract or Title Page. You may copy and paste your paper from Word onto the Discussion Board, do not attach your reply. 

Let me know if you have any questions! 



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