Vocational Midterm Exam

Choose a vocation (career/job) you wish to pursue.

Identify one potential problem in your anticipated vocational field (the job/career area you wish to pursue following high school, technical school, and/or college). For detailed information on your chosen field use the Occupational Outlook Handbook – http://www.bls.gov/ooh/ Obtaining the education to get the job and/or the salary/money will not work as a problem; research the job and choose one problem specific to the day to day vocation’s duties.

To use the Occupational Outlook Handbook site, choose the vocational area from the Occupation Groups listing. Then narrow further by choosing from the Occupation column. Read all sections: Summary, What They Do, Work Environment, How to Become One, Pay, Job Outlook, Similar Occupations, More Info. Conduct research on the vocation with credible sources. The idea here is to better understand the vocation to see if it is truly the one you wish to pursue.

Make a connection between the problem and one of the stories: To Build a Fire or The Devil and Tom Walker.

Once you have identified a potential problem you might encounter, brainstorm and research 3 logical solutions you could use to solve the problem and your rationale for why these solutions would be the best choices. The solutions and rationales must demonstrate critical thinking, effective problem-solving, researched support, and ethical choices aligned with workplace and legal expectations. 

Type your responses in the table attachment below and save the file. Responses should be detailed and written in complete sentences. Provide comprehensive explanations with a minimum of 4 sentences for each rationale section. The table cells will expand as you type. Be sure to proofread and edit carefully for correct grammar and spelling. Include APA formatted references for all sources used including the Occupational Outlook Handbook page you accessed. 

Three credible research sources related to the chosen vocation are required. (Hint: Wikipedia is not a credible source!)

Below is the format to use for each website source:


Author’s last name, Author’s first initial. (year the article was written). Title of article. Retrieved add date and include full and accurate URL


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