US health care or health insurance industry

ECONOMICS Research Project Due January 14 (200 points)
A minimum of a 8-10 page paper, not including citations page, on US health care or health insurance industry. You may focus on the economics of the health care industry, economic impact of the governmental policy on the health care industry or related industries such as pharmaceuticals or nursing homes, etc. (must be closely related).
You should discuss the following in the economic context:
Market Structure specifically how does market structure impact business decisions?
Production Decision how much to produce? How does profit maximization play a role?
Evolution of a Competitive Market how has the marketplace evolved over time?
Impact of Governmental Regulation
o Historic and current policy (Affordable Care Act, ACA or Obamacare) o What is currently being discussed for legislation? What is TrumpCare? o What impacts will this have on the economy as a whole?
Make sure to cite the sources for the projections, such as Congressional Budget Office, Health and Human Services, etc.
o Debate on the issue: merits and weaknesses of each side. Present both sides in the economic context!
Application to our Microeconomics classes if applicable:
o Supply and Demand
o Governmental Policy
o Strategic Behavior
o Your own position and its economic defense o Market Structure
o Asymmetric Information
o Adverse selection and Moral Hazard
If you would like to discuss the economic impact of COVID-19 on individual industries, such as oil, travel, hospitality, education, etc., instead of the traditional health care history and market as outlined in the original assignment, it would be perfectly acceptable. Keep in mind; you would need to discuss the economic effects of the disease. The DETERMINANTS are especially important in this context, and you need to discuss how they affected the markets and whether the determinants shifted the demand or supply curves.
If you discuss the economic stimulus (either fiscal or monetary), you must present the merits and weaknesses of each side and present both sides in the economic context!
Keep in mind the focus of this paper should be the economic impacts of healthcare or COVID. You need to demonstrate that you are able to APPLY the concepts covered in the class. I do not want a summary of articles or other peoples work. You need to show you know how to apply, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate in an economic context.

Cheating: If you are caught cheating you will be receive a zero on the assignment and may be reported to the administration to face disciplinary action. Cheating includes plagiarism.
To get started, watch the following videos: up to time marker 4:59 or more.

Listen the following Podcast: .

You need to cite at least four (4) sources besides these and the textbook.
For more current articles and discussion, many of the major print publications, like the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Forbes, The Economist, Time, etc., have devoted topics with links to other source. Governmental agencies, like (Health and Human Services), (Congressional Budget Office), (Council of Economic Advisors), etc., for statistics, projections and analysis could also be very useful. If you use Wikipedia, you MUST go to the primary sources.
This assignment must be typed in MSWord and uploaded in BlackBoard. Use MLA format. You need to submit a citation page. I am hoping to pique some interest in you and these issues that will stay in the headlines for years to come. COVIDs historic economic and social impact will spawn numerous chapters in textbooks and whole books will be written about this (terrible) year.
Its wide-open. Have fun with it.



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