SWOT Analysis

Complete a one-page chart examining how your chosen company is currently positioned for future sales success. In other words, analyze what you find to be the company’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats in relation to how they are currently poised to compete for sales. **This is not a general SWOT analysis for the firm as a whole; this SWOT is specific to the sales point of view. A template of this SWOT is shown in Exhibit 1.


Exhibit 1. SWOT Template


Sale-Specific SWOT Template: 


Internal Strengths – examples of questions that would be answered:


– Advantages of this proposition?


– Capabilities to accomplish it?


– Competitive advantages?


– USPs (unique selling points)?


– Resources, Assets, People?


– Experience, knowledge, data?


– Financial reserves, likely returns?


– Marketing – reach, distribution, awareness?


– Innovative aspects?


– Location and geographical?


– Price, value, quality?


– Accreditations, qualifications, certifications?


– Processes, systems, IT, communications?


– Cultural, attitudinal, behavioral?


– Management cover, succession?



Weaknesses – examples of questions that would be answered:


– Disadvantages of this proposition?


– Gaps in capabilities to accomplish it?


– Lack of competitive strength?


– Reputation, presence, and reach?


– Financials?


– Own known vulnerabilities?


– Timescales deadlines and pressures?


– Cash flow, start-up cash-drain?


– Continuity, supply chain robustness?


– Effects on core activities, distraction?


– Reliability of data, plan predictability?


– Morale, commitment, leadership?


– Accreditations, etc.?


– Processes and systems, etc.?


– Management cover, succession?



External Opportunities – examples of questions that would be answered:


– Market developments?


– Competitors’ vulnerabilities?


– Industry or lifestyle trends?


– Technology development and innovation?


– Global influences?


– New markets, vertical, horizontal?


– Niche target markets?


– Geographical, export, import?


– New USPs?


– Tactics – surprise, major contracts, etc.?


– Business and product development?


– Information and research?


– Partnerships, agencies, distribution?


– Volumes, production, economies?


– Seasonal, weather, fashion influences?



Threats – examples of questions that would be answered:


– Political effects?


– Legislative effects?


– Environmental effects?


– IT developments?


– Competitor intentions – various?


– M arket demand?


– New technologies, services, ideas?


– Vital contracts and partners?


– Sustaining internal capabilities?


– Obstacles faced?


– Insurmountable weaknesses?


– Loss of key staff?


– Sustainable financial backing?


– Economy – home, abroad?


– Seasonality, weather effects?


This analysis should be depicted in chart form, and should demonstrate that you have fully analyzed many aspects of the company’s sales operation, strategy, and results. Bullet points should be specific and have enough verbiage to be understandable on their own



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