Searching For and Appraising Evidence Assignment

 See link to All About Assignment #2d which gives detailed instructions, examples, and FAQ’s about the assignment:   

For this assignment each student will identify two sources of evidence that could be used to help answer the PICOT question. The sources should be in the form of single, primary quantitative,  or qualitative research studies, systematic reviews (meta-analyses or meta-syntheses are acceptable), or clinical practice guidelines. The evidence should not be a clinical (quality performance article) or opinion article, or a literature integrative review. Though some authors identify literature reviews as systematic reviews, the work does not represent the criteria required for a systematic review. For this assignment, only true systematic reviews can be used.

The sources of the evidence need to be a peer-reviewed journal or a database such as the Cochrane Library and be current within the last five years. Requirements for assignment:
1. State the PICOT question, having incorporated instructor feedback. So.this will be a revised PICOT question if appropriate.
2. Identify three sources of evidence from within the last 5 years from FAU Library databases.
3. Submit the three sources of evidence in the form of a PDF file when the assignment is submitted (multiple attachments can be uploaded with the assignment in Canvas). Check to assure that the file can be opened prior to submitting.
4. Create an evidence table for the sources of evidence (no more than 2 pages one row/article). A template will be provided.

The assignment needs to include a title page and an APA current edition formatted reference list.

Handouts useful for completion of Assignment #2


Q: What about my individual PICOT?

A: In this assignment you are not using the individual PICOT from Assignment I. Use the Group PICOT to search for the sources of evidence.  Right before the Evidence Table on Page 1, specify the PICOT question.

Q: One row per article means what exactly?

A: Look at the the Developing Evidence-Based Table Template Fill-in. Keep the the content in the heading row and retain one blank row to fill-in (Delete all of the unused rows). Fill-in the appraisal information about the source article. 

Q: Should I change the layout of the document to Landscape?

A: This is a good idea since the table is likely to enlarge with the information.

Q: Do I need to add notes to the table?

A. Yes. Such explanation assists the viewer. Add notes to the table below the table to define abbreviations used in the table.

Q: Do I need to use APA format?

A:  Yes. One Exception–> The tables do not need to be double spaced.

Q: What do I submit?

A:  Go to Assignments and click on Assignment 2. Submit the 3 page of Tables labeled as Your Short Title Evidence Based Table and 3 sources in PDFs. The short title for the assignment should reflect the topic, such as Prevention of Pressure Ulcers. So you could label the 3 -page document Prevention of Pressure Ulcers Evidence Based Table.

Ps: My GROUP PICOT question was:  In the management of patients within the long-term care setting (P), what are the best practices (C) in pressure ulcer prevention (I) that nurses should use in patients with low mobility (O)? 


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