reflective paper

Reflective Paper
Be sure to address each of the following questions in your reflective paper. Type your responses below each question, and leave the questions in the document. Remember that the length of your responses for this portion of the final is expected to be 1,000-2,000 words in total, not including the prompt questions. Please answer each question after having reviewed and reflected upon your writing prompts, and assignments throughout this course.

1.    Describe your impressions of economics before you took this course, and compare/contrast that to your current ideas of economics.

2.    Now that you have completed the course, reflect upon any of concerns or challenges related to the economy or businesses you may have had when you began the course. Do you think that the material you learned in this course has influenced your thinking about those concerns or challenges? Please explain why or why not.

3.    Which video, assignment, reading, concept, or activity had the greatest impact on you? Explain why and how this will affect how you view the world and economics impact.

4.    Which video, assignment, reading, concept, or activity is the most important for the domestic or global economy? Explain why and how this will affect the economy in the short and long-term.

5.    Which assignment, reading, concept, or activity was the most difficult or challenging for you? Describe why it was challenging and how that challenge will view of the economy.

6.    Did any topic(s) surprise you that it (they) was (were) part of the study of economics? Now that the topic(s) has (have) been introduced in economics, explain how it fits into economics.

7.        What do you think you still need to learn about economics, and how will you go about continuing your development educated citizen?

8.    Was there anything that you expected to learn in this course that you did not learn? How could this course be improved?

9.    What was your biggest barrier to success if any? Keep in mind that this was a fully online, accelerated class that covered in 2 weeks what is usually covered in 14 weeks. What was your biggest strength in being successful in this course?


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