This assignment requires that you choose a topic of interest within the broad area of developmental psychology.Your topic can (and should) focus any development period you choose, fromprenatal to geriatric. It is easiest to choose an area where a good amount ofresearch has already been done. Once you choose a topic you should seek outresearch articles that are related to your topic. Your literature review mustinclude at least eight peer reviewed journal citations from eight different journal articles, but more references is better (Wikipedia and Psychology Today are not peer reviewed journals). The goal of this assignment is to write a short (5 pages of text double spaced), well-organized review of the current literature of a topic in developmental psychology. Five pages of text means the actual writing that you do on the topic this does not include a title page (if you decide to include one) or the reference section. If you go longer than 5 pages, that is fine. However, I do not expect this to be an exhaustive review of the research in your chosen area. When writing, you should write as though you know that the person reading your paper knows absolutely nothing about your topic and you are trying to give them a good basic understanding of the topic and the relevant research findings related to the topic. Below is a website link that will go into more detail about the process of writing a literature review and I have posted a sample paper that might help you understand what is expected.Help for understanding and writing your literature review-

Possible topics (just suggestions) can be:
Effects of infant social interactions of socialability
Infant temperament
Outcomes associated with infant diets
Hormone production differences between men and women during pregnancy
Pre-kindergarten education
Bullying in grade-school
Adolescent drug use
Adolescent criminal offending
Adolescent sexual behaviors
Adolescent neuropsychologyIntimate relationships in early adulthood
Mate selection in early adulthood
Career choice effects of well-being in early adulthood
Effects of divorceAlzheimers disease
Neuroplasticity in old age
Comparative examination of infant human versus other primates
Mid-life crisis
Gender orientation during adolescence/early adulthood
Peer influences on adolescent behaviors
Importance of social-relationships in old-age
These are just a few ideas there are literally hundreds of other appropriate topics.


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