Personal And Professional Growth

Using the essays from Unit IV and Unit V and the action plan submitted in Unit VI, draw connections to how you, as a leader, can now bring the self-care lessons and efforts to a large audience at your place of work. As the leader, develop a plan to ethically initiate, manage, lead, and coach colleagues or employees to utilize a research-based wellness and self-care strategy in their professional and personal lives. As part of this final stage of the project, you are asked to share it with a colleague and record his or her feedback regarding the viability of the project. You will include components from your previous essays into this final three-page essay entitled “Personal and Professional Growth: A Team Effort.” Use a minimum of two research-based articles and your textbook (minimum of three sources) to support your essay. You have the option to use a number of different databases for your research-based articles within the Waldorf Online Library; however, given that the field of health, health care, and wellness is very holistic, you will have success with a broad search parameter within multidisciplinary databases that provide full text, scholarly resources across different fields. Appropriate multidisciplinary journal indexes and databases for this assignment include Academic OneFile and Academic Search Complete. Although they are not recognized as multidisciplinary, more specific databases that can be used for this assignment include ERIC, Health & Medical, Health Source-Consumer Edition, Health Source-Nursing/Academic Edition, Psych Info-ArticlesFull Text, Pub Med, and Public Health. Be sure to consider the following in your essay: The introduction should engage the reader in the topic and clearly present a summary of the main points. The discussion should be appropriate and provide evidence of critical thinking. The organization should be clear and present logically arranged points. The writing should be clear and concise with correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar. The number of sources used should meet or exceed assignment requirements. All sources should be academic in nature and be cited and referenced in APA style. The essay assignment should be at least three pages in length. 


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