The purpose of the project is to give your team an opportunity to apply what has been learned about organizational behavior (through course lectures, readings, research, and discussions) and expand research skills to analyze the problems of an organization. Since organizational work involves working and communicating with others, you are asked to participate in a group project. You will be randomly assigned to work in groups.

The aim of the group project is two-fold: 1) the project allows you to research and explore organizational behavior concepts in-depth and 2) the project allows you to evaluate a current concept within organizational behavior within multiple organizations using the OB concepts we have learned and the analytical skills you have developed in the course. Your team will select a current concept in OB and identify at least four organizations in which this concept is applied to research and present on.

Groups should:

  1. Identify three (3) organizations known to successfully apply the chosen organizational behavior concept to their organizational structure.  *At least one of these organizations should come from Forbes 100 Best Places to Work list for this year.
  2. Identify one (1) organization known to unsuccessfully apply the chosen organizational behavior concept to its organizational structure.
  3. Be prepared to discuss how this organizational concept is applied in your own workplace or could be applied.

*While the main focus of your research should focus on the OB concept chosen, you may incorporate other OB concepts/theories that strengthen your research. Be sure to aim for depth rather than breadth regarding the use of additional OB concepts. Any additional concepts should NOT change the focus of your research but strengthen.

 Topic-  Corporate Social Responsibility – Organizational Behavior Concept 

IV. Organization 2 – Netflix (Successful Organization)

A. Brief Overview of the organization 

B. How your organization has implemented the OB topic 

C. What has the implementation of your OB topic accomplished 

D. Why has the implementation of this topic made your organization Successful 


VII. Findings & Conclusion 

A. What did you learn about your topic 

B. Based on your findings discuss why it is important to implement this concept in every organization. 

 You must have scholarly peer-reviewed articles 


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