Operations Management- Comprehensive Case Study Analysis

5-6 pages to complete below. Part Three is already completed (see attached)

Need to create a:

1. Introduction Section (1-2 paragraphs)

2. Conclusion Section (1-2 paragraphs)

3. Part One – Managing Operations (2-4 pages)

4. Part Two – Quality, Process and Location (2-4 pages)


Then combine Introduction SectionPart OnePart TwoPart Three and Conclusion Section into ONE file consisting of 10-12 pages combined (not including Cover and Reference page) to create the comprehensive case study analysis. 



Imagine that you are hired into the role of the Operations Manager at the company described in the case study (Nissan). Although there are many issues facing the company, you have some experience and are well qualified to provide direction in solving these problems. Prepare a cohesive case study analysis for submission as one document.

The project is the creation of a comprehensive case study analysis. You will write a comprehensive analysis of the Nissan case study (see attached) that’s been analyzed throughout the course by addressing the critical elements below. 



You NEED to do Part One and Two below. Part Three has been already been completed (see attached). Part One, Two and Three need to be combined into one document to create the case study analysis. 

Also need to be included is:

1. An Introduction Section: which provides an overview of the company and some of the key challenges that it is facing

2. Summary /Conclusion Section: that highlights some of your most important recommendations for improving operations at the company

PART ONE: Managing Operations case study analysis, which evaluates how Nissan uses OM functions to provide products and generate value for its customers and how it achieves a competitive advantage using operations management, among other critical elements (Less than 4 pages- no minimum)

I. Generating Value

A. Evaluate how the company in the case study uses operations management functions to provide products and generate value for its customers. 

      i. Support your claims with examples from the case study or outside sources. 

B. Assess how this company achieves a competitive advantage using operations management. 

      i. Provide examples found in the case study or outside sources to support your reasoning. 

C. Compare and contrast service operations and manufacturing operations at the company in the case study. 

      i. How are they the same? 

      ii. How do they differ? 

      iii. How does each of these operations provide value for their customers? 

II. Theories and Techniques 

A. Compare and contrast the critical path method (CPM) and the program evaluation and review technique (PERT). 

      i. What types of projects at this company would favor PERT over CPM? Why? 

      ii. What types of projects at this company would favor CPM over PERT? Why? 

B. Explain the steps used to develop a forecasting system

      i. How would these steps be specifically utilized by this company? 

      ii. What do you predict would be the result of implementing a forecasting system for the top-selling product line at this company?

C. List the major categories of supply chain risk and associated risk reduction tactics. 

      i. How could the company mitigate exposure to supply chain disruptions caused by natural disasters? 

            1. For example, consider the 2011 earthquake and tsunami that devastated parts of Japan.


PART TWO: Quality, Process, and Location case study analysis that addresses the typical problems that operations managers face.  (Less than 4 pages- no minimum)

I. Theories and Techniques 

A. Explain the five steps of the theory of constraints (TOC) process. 

      i. To what processes might the company in the case study apply TOC? 

      ii. Why would applying TOC to these processes be advantageous? 

B. Describe how total quality management (TQM) principles and tools can be used to improve quality in the latest line of products in the context of the case study. 

II. Data Analysis

A. Draw a cause-and-effect diagram that assesses why some of the company’s supply chain partners might have struggled to implement some of the company’s newly developed materials. 

      i. Summarize your findings from the diagram. 

B. Draw a hypothetical process (time-function) map for producing a recently released (within the past two years) product manufactured by the company. 

      i. As an operations manager, how will you use the value map? 

      ii. Be sure to include your process map within your case study analysis. 

C. Considering the data and options below, determine where the company should locate its new manufacturing plant. 

      i. Explain why this would be the favorable location.

Factor                                     Weight                    Mexico City                    Columbia, SC

Political Risk                             .25                                  70                                              80

Transportation Costs          .20                                  40                                              90

Labor Productivity               .20                                  85                                              75

Rental Costs                            .15                                  90                                              55

Labor Costs                              .10                                  80                                              50

Taxes                                             .10                                  90                                              50


D. The company believes that it might have some inefficiencies in its inventory management process. 

      i. Develop an ABC classification system for the following 10 items

      ii. Based on this information, what do you recommend for improving inventory management?

Item          Annual Demand             Cost/Unit

I5                            1750                              $10.00

D1                          6000                              $10.00

A2                          3000                              $50.00

E9                           1000                              $20.00

J8                           2500                                  $5.00

C7                          1500                               $45.00

B8                          4000                               $12.00

G2                            300                          $1500.00

H2                            600                                $20.00

F3                             500                             $500.00


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