Mutual Funds – Field Research

1. Read the Deliverables section (below) to understand what you need to do as well as re-read Chapter 10.

2. Read ahead Chapter 13 of your text, in order to have the background information to approach this assignment.

3. Decide on two fund/investment companies. You may select a bank-based firm such as RBC Global Asset Mgmt. Inc. and one non-bank such as Fidelity Investments.

4. Research online the information available to you regarding the two mutual funds you will choose from.

5. Acquire the necessary documents, reports and publications you require to complete your analysis.

6. Consult with one sales professionals on the phone or in person from a bank-based firm to augment and validate the information you have assessed. You may position your information seeking contact as one where you are realistically shopping for in the near term, or which you perhaps plan to acquire in your future employment or lifestyle circumstances.

7. Write a report in which you analyze, compare, and contrast the two mutual fund products and justify your choice.

Your report should be more than merely descriptive of your research findings – it must be analytical and evaluative of the two mutual fund options available to you and potential investors.

Address the following:

• To assist you with the research, data and information you require to complete your analysis, follow the 5 steps listed in exhibit 13-5, on page 454 of your text.

• Step 1 – assume that your balanced financial budget, insurance selection and sources of cash for emergency fund needs are adequately in place. Make a statement to this effect briefly addressing each point.

• Step 2 – assume you have $10,000 to invest initially and plan to contribute $250 per month.

• Step 3 – assume you are investing to achieve your future retirement plan. To accomplish this, follow the instructions on page 335, Chapter 10 – A Quick Test to Measure Investment Risk. This will have you complete an Investor Profiler On-Line quiz.

• Step 4 – Chapter 13, pages 455 – 458 list a variety of information sources amongst others, and types of information available from each. 

• Step 5 – use the evaluation of a mutual fund form/checklist on page 460-461 to assist you with your selection analysis and criteria. Record the details of these findings. 

• And answer the following:  From whom would you purchase and what mutual fund product will you invest in first? Why?

Your report should be 7 – 9 pages.

For citing and documenting information use APA Style Format Documentation.

Use headings to ensure you cover each point.



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