Individual Assessment Paper

Individual Assessment Paper

Individual Assessment Create an example investment analysis using $100,000 to invest. Compare returns invested all in the selected organization for five years, or a bank account with a 5% fixed return for five years. These are the only two investment options to compare:


A. A bank account earning 5% per year. B. Common stock of __________.


The audience for your analysis is an investor approximately 25 years from retirement and the investor’s income is greater than living expenses. The investor has a liquid net worth of $1,000,000 of which 40% is invested in the S&P 500 index, 40% in a medium-duration, high quality bond fund and 20% in a savings account earning 5% interest per year. Determine if the investor (under the above criteria) should take $100,000 from the savings account and purchase $100,000 of this company’s common stock. Your analysis and findings should be suscinct but also provide sufficient information for the investor to make an informed decision by addressing the investor’s reasonable questions including the following:


 What is the problem? What are you trying to figure out?  What historical financial information helped you make your decision – ratios, growth


rates, margins, projections, competition?


 What role does risk play and how do you account for it in your analysis?  What industry information helped you make your decision – such as competition, overall


markets, and state of the economy?


 What are you assuming about the future?  What are the critical factors that led you to choose the option you chose?


Instructions: Use your previously assigned company for the individual assessment. Each individual will submit an analysis. This is not a group assignment. Limit response to 3 pages, typed, double-spaced, plus no more than 2 pages of exhibits. This is both a math and a story assignment: your math has to support your story and your story has to support your math. 3 pages of text plus 2 pages of exhibits is not a lot to cover this assignment; you need to be concise, relevant, and convincing in those 5 pages. There is no right answer. But there are right approaches, wrong answers and wrong approaches. You will be graded on the quality of your approach, the accuracy of your analysis, and how convincing your argument is. Grading Criteria – Rubric Case Study Part 4


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