How to Go About Writing a Research Paper Outline

Writing a research paper outline is a basic guide on how your research paper should look like. It is a summary of the structure used in writing a research paper. Writing the research paper outline includes basic steps including research, brainstorming, drafting the outline and finally working on the research paper’s actual outline.

What you need to know about writing a research paper outline

• Research- When writing a research paper online research is very important. Determine what style of writing is required for you to meet your objective. You may often be directed on how to go about it. The style that you may have been directed to use is either APA or MLA style.

• Brainstorming- Brainstorming helps make sure to look at all possible angles when writing a research paper outline. A suitable topic should be identified. This helps narrow down the target audience, and give an overview of the essay.

• Thesis- The thesis is important when writing a research paper outline. Depending on the style you choose to use or are specifically required to use, the thesis statement should correspond with the citation requirements. For example APA uses numbers such as one, four, 10, 20, and MLA use roman numerals for example I, IV, X, XX, XXI.
• The thesis statement should explain the topic and purpose which is further explained in the research paper the use of the thesis statement should in line with that of writing a research paper outline.

• Write a rough draft- Now that you have done prior research, brainstorming and before writing a research paper outline. This is important when writing a research paper outline because it includes all relevant information that is needed to make an outline. Information such as authors, time, and reference dates as well as location is important.

• Review the rough draft- A rough draft is important when writing a research paper outline. This ensures that you adequately check for any errors and that foot notes and end notes are added adequately. Reviewing the rough draft helps add and correct what needs to be corrected in writing a research paper outline. It is also at this point that appropriate citation is done. Don’t forget to check that grammar, spelling and punctuation are correct.

• Begin to type the outline and when you are done make sure you spell check. Work on a final draft as well. This is a modified version of the rough draft. Writing a research paper outline ensures that you do not use the first draft because it still has ideas that may not be used. It may also have excessive points that are unnecessary.

When you set to writing a research paper outline, the basic essay writing, there are basic steps needed to make it work. Research, brain storming and working on the thesis statement are all important but a rough draft. When writing a research paper outline, the rough draft brings all the ideas in one place and is further fine tuned when presenting the actual outline.


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