EBM As Business Practice

Review the Ecosystem Based Management (EBM) concepts and the six key aspects of EBM as described below:


Integration of ecological, social, and economic goals and recognition of humans as key components of the ecosystem.


Consideration of ecological–not just political–boundaries.


Accounting for the complexity of natural processes and social systems, and using an adaptive management approach in the face of resulting uncertainties.


Engaging multiple stakeholders in a collaborative process to define problems and find solutions.


Incorporating understanding of ecosystem processes and how ecosystems respond to environmental perturbations.


Concerned with the ecological integrity of coastal-marine (or any other) systems and the sustainability of both human and ecological systems.

Identify a Canadian company that works primarily in the industry provided to you by the Professor in Unit 2. This company should have the following characteristics:


It should work mostly, if not entirely, in the industry provided.

It need not be an active company, but cannot be defunct for more than 10 years.

While active it must have embarked on a significant and well publicized or documented expansion or project.

Conduct research into the company’s expansion, using the six aspects of EBM as starting points and focus of your investigation. Please note that the six aspects of EBM can apply to all ecosystems. Please ensure that you adapt the generic meaning of each of the aspects to the specifics of the ecosystem(s) you are investigating.


Write an essay in which you evaluate whether the expansion or project was an EBM success or failure. The essay should


be approximately 2000 words (± 200 words),

begin with a concise abstract (1-2 paragraph overview to the topic, research conducted and conclusions)  

use sound research to support the analysis and equally sound reasoning in arguing whether the expansion or project was an EBM success or failure,      

summarize your findings in a concise conclusion,   

be supported by a minimum of nine sources (and at least three of these must be a peer reviewed academic journal article), and


use APA style formatting in the organization and referencing of your research.


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