Discuss what the Enlightenment was and include Francis Bacon, Isaac Newton, and John Locke and their philosophies as examples.

Choose one of the following options to complete your assignment.

1. Discuss what the Enlightenment was and include Francis Bacon, Isaac Newton, and John Locke and their philosophies as examples.

2. What were the causes of the French Revolution? Why did a revolution occur in France? What accounts for the dramatic differences between the Glorious Revolution and the French Revolution?

3. Describe how the Industrial Revolution dramatically altered the social and economic landscape of Europe. Explain how the Industrial Revolution altered the way individuals worked. Discuss why it has been called the “industrious revolution.” Give some examples of new technology during this time.

4. Discuss how the Boxer Rebellion began, who was involved, and how Europeans responded to the conflict. Explain how the Boxer Rebellion highlighted European vulnerability.

5. Analyze the ways in which the First World War was a “total war.” Why was it a war of attrition? What tensions had been building up in Europe before 1914 that made war almost inevitable? What, if anything, could have been done to avoid the war?  

6. Explore the rise of Winston Churchill or Franklin D. Roosevelt to power and the characteristics of Churchill’s leadership. Trace his career including involvement in World War I.

7. What was the Cold War? Describe at least 3 events. Examples include Berlin Wall, Cuban Missile Crisis, and Bay of Pigs.

8. Globalization: Discuss how this has impacted the world and individual countries. Include a discussion of the Internet Revolution and technology.



Writing Assignment Two asks that you prepare a PowerPoint, Prezi, or Wix website to discuss a topic from Chapters 9-16.  There are instructions in the Learning Module on how to prepare the presentations.

  1. Include at least three primary and three secondary sources from the Learning Modules and the Valencia Online library. Include at least one historical newspaper (New York Times historical database in library) and two academic journals from the library. (See primary and secondary sources in Learning Module). 
  2. References cannot include the textbook, films, reference materials such as encyclopedias, and non-academic website.
  3. Include citations and a reference list. You should use APA Writing Style. Your assignment should be a minimum of 1000 words and include at least 8 images. Word count can be included on the Notes section or slides can be dedicated to passages. DO NOT submit an additional Word document.
  4. The word count cannot include the reference list and title page.


I. Tips for your assignment: 

1. The assignment topic must be from the topic list in the Unit Assignment Module
2. Include Introduction and Conclusion paragraphs
3. Remember the word count. Your assignment cannot just be images
4. Use images to help add interest to your presentation
5. Include media – maps, photos, video (links or embedded)
6. Ask questions if you need help!

II. Presentation Options:

1. Powerpoint: The Powerpoint can be formatted how you like, but please meet word and image requirements. Some students include the text on the slides, others use the “Notes” section.

2. Prezi: Use the free version of Prezi to create your presentation. Be sure to make it “public” after you complete it. Here is a helpful link on how to get started.  (Links to an external site.)

3. Wix: Another option is to create a website. Please see the assignment instructions for more information. 

III. Source Requirements:

1. One New York Times Article – Found ONLY through the Library database. Newyorktimes.com not permitted. The database contains articles from 1851 – the article should be from your event date. If it is after that time period, it is a secondary source. 

2. Two Academic Journals– Found ONLY through the Valencia Library. I recommend using ProQuest.

3. Six or more Images – Images can be found through Public Domain. Although you may not use Wikipedia for research, the images found there are public domain. These should be cited, sometimes Wiki Media has the citations available.

4. Academic Websites – Three secondary sources are required (two need to be journal articles.) You can use three journal articles or use one academic website. Look for academic websites – these include Universities (articles by professors and not students), Museums (Smithsonian, Holocaust Museum, and other known institutions), Library of Congress, and the National Archives.

5. Primary Sources: Google your topic with +Primary sources. Gutenberg.org has original books and documents, Library of Congress, Fordham Internet Sourcebook

6. DO NOT USE: Encyclopedias, the textbook, popular films, books that are directed toward middle and high school, history.com, biography.com

7. Ask a Librarian: This is a free service for all students and should be utilized throughout your undergraduate careers. You can also call or visit the librarian at your campus.


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