Crisis Management Social Media Analyze

Crisis Management Social Media Analyze

In this assignment, you will analyze an organization’s social media efforts. Each of you individually will submit a five page doubled spaced paper, written in your own words. 


Discuss social media strategy (about 1.5 – 2 pages)


• Define it. You need at least two academic sources for your definition. 


• Why is it important to have strong, cohesive social media platforms? 


• Discuss how social media strategy may help in a crisis situation.  


Now choose an organization or company. It cannot be one we’ve discussed in class. Find one that uses multiple social media outlets, please. Answer the following questions (about 3 – 3.5 pages): 


• What is the organization and what does it do? 


• What social media outlets does the organization use? 


• How many followers does it have on each of the outlets? 


• Does it have a blog? 


• What is the main type of content on each outlet? 


• Is the content well written? Is it clear and concise? Are there spelling or grammar errors? 


• Can you find reviews on a review site? Are they positive? Negative? Some of each? 


• Do you see evidence of a cohesive social media strategy? 


• Do you see evidence of any gaffes or errors? All of the cases we heard about in class had major  gaffes or lapses in good judgment. Consider those kinds of errors to answer this question. 


• How does the organization respond to positive comments? 


• How does the organization respond to negative comments or complaints? 


• Do you feel the responses are effective? Why or why not? Base your answers on credible sources,  which can include our textbook and class lecture.  


Tie your answers to the readings, lecture, and presentations, and base your arguments on them. Be sure to use in-text citations in the body of the paper as well as in a bibliography. Assume I know nothing about the subject. I’m looking for evidence of deep, critical thought in the content of your work.  


Please do not write my questions in your paper. I know the questions. I want to see how you answer them. I have asked questions to provide structure. Please write your paper in essay format, and make clear transitions. Be sure that the paper flows smoothly.  Your textbook is a great source, and you need at least two additional academic sources beyond the textbook. Whenever you draw on or discuss an article or book, you should cite it appropriately using APA style or some other style. You need both in-text citations, with page numbers if applicable, as well as the bibliography at the end. See http://www.sc.edu/library/styleresources.html. This site also has some good writing resources. Please double space your work and staple your paper.  


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