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Scholarly Paper
Final Project: Updated (80 points total)

The final project allows students to develop a case conceptualization of a client and its application in the area of helping relationships and counseling skills. The aim of this project is to learn about the helping professions in greater depth by applying it to a client of your choosing.  Topics will revolve around areas noted in our text such as essential counseling skills that will enhance the helping relationship (i.e. empathy and empathic responses; probing and summarizing; challenging self and client; helping clients tell their stories; helping clients establish and reach their goals).

You can use a TV, movie, celebrity or book character for this project.  Please find at least three scholarly journals to supplement the textbook in your rationale of working with the individual. Be sure to cite correctly with APA when using scholarly resources as plagiarism is a serious offense and will result in a

Statistics chapter review

1) The average cholesterol content of a certain brand of eggs is 224 mg, and the standard deviation is 14 mg. Assume the variable is normally distributed. A sample of 28 eggs is randomly selected.
(a) Describe the sampling distribution of the sample mean (i.e., what distribution, mean, and standard deviation)

(b) Find the probability that the sample mean will be more than 225 mg.

2) A recent study indicated that 27% of the women over age 55 in the study were widows. If 96 women over 55 years of age are randomly selected, what is the probability that at least 22% of them are widows?

3) A sample of 16 randomly selected commuters in Chicago showed the average of the commuting times was 37.2 minutes, and the standard deviation was 7.3 minutes. Assume the population was normally distributed.
(a) Find the 95% confidence interval of the true mean.

(b) Find the 95% confidence i

Problem – Solution Paper

In this paper, you will describe a problem associated with gendered violence and then propose a viable solution to this problem. A problem-solution paper requires that you explain the problem in detail and provide a context for why this problem needs to be solved and how you will solve it. The solution part of the essay must be convincing and feasible, and it must specifically address the problem you have described. This discussion should include terms and concepts from course material on gendered violence as well references to external scholarly sources.**

Name and explain the problem. Since gendered violence can be understood as a broad umbrella term, you must narrow the scope of this problem with a clarifying statement in your introduction. For example, a clarifying statement about the larger problem of gendered violence might focus on sex trafficking of minors in the United States. Next, you describe and explain this problem in detail. Your discussion should illuminate this

short method assignment + practice problems

There are two assignments! But one is very small.


There is a starter Code I will be attaching for this, one is for and the other is for local tests.

I will also include my current file. Read the messages that are noted in the java file, and edit wherever it says "To do". The pdf also asks to implement other methods after the set up. Let me know if you have any questions.


2) Practice problems - 3 questions
Starter Code is attached, make sure the local tests work!

password for PDF:38w497rujvfdnb8u0923

Follow instructions in the pdf for set up and etc. Let  me know if you have any questions.

nuclear engineering lab report

i need a lab report that has a theory, introduction, abstract, data and all plots, data analysis, answering all questions and conclusions. i have attached the description of the experiment and the data that needs to be identified, all questions should be answered and all data should be analyzed. please read carefully.

Magnetic Field

1. If a magnetic monopole were to exist, the magnetic field from such a particle would point radially outward. A north (the magnetic equivalent of positive) magnetic monopole is placed L = 24.0 cm beneath a current carrying loop of radius R = 18.0 cm with current I = 2.546 A. The magnitude of the magnetic field at the edge of the loop is B 0 = 23.5 mT. Determine the magnitude of the net force on the magnetic monopole created by the current loop.


Watch Dr. Greger's video on the Daily Dozen and write a summary of the video no less than 50 words .  Include your thoughts of the Daily Dozen on how it can help your health specifically, and talk about the challenges it would take to check off as many boxes as possible each day.  Furthermore, make connections between the Daily Dozen and how it can effect you economically in the short and long term.

Brand Case Study

Students are required to produce a 1000 word case study of a chosen brand. The case study should use the module learning to analyse the brands position in the market place, its relationship with the public and its key audiences, its strengths and weaknesses and its successes or failures in developing a strong brand identity that contributes to (or detracts from) the value of the brand.

Assessment criteria can be found on pages 22-25 of the module handbook

Hi. my name is Bukola and i am a post graduate studies at the Univerity of pretoria. i am at a stand still in my research: i supposed to be working on HLA imputation on the southern african population. but we do not have enough data. and the data we do ha

Hi. my name is Bukola and i am a post graduate studies at the Univerity of pretoria. i am at a stand still in my research: i supposed to be working on HLA imputation on the southern african population. but we do not have enough data. and the data we do have we do not have the depths of the data which will make imputation impossible. is there something else i can do with this data to study more about the HLA data of the southern africans using the data i have. (i am kind of desperate as i should be turing my work in soon and i have nothing to show for my work.

Lab 7

For Lab 7, we're crack the WPA/WPA2 wireless network key using oclHashcat on Windows. Instead of using CPU power to brute force the password were going to use the GPUs, short for Graphics Processing Unit. The benefit of using the GPU instead of the CPU for brute forcing is the huge increase in cracking speed. A GPU is designed to perform repetitive tasks very fast because it has many more cores than a CPU that can be used to process tasks in parallel. Because of the number of cores in a GPU even an older GPU can outperform a modern CPU by using heavy parallelism. The difference between older and newer graphics cards and GPUs is even larger. The older Radeon 7670M video card in a 2012 laptop does an average of 20kh (20.000 attempts) per second where an AMD HD7970 videocard can do 142kh (142.000 attempts) per second and 8 x NVidea Titan X cards can do 2.233 kh per second. This makes brute forcing routers with easy default passwords, like the TP-LINK (default WPS PIN) or the standard UPC