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Bonus Discussion – International Conference on Cyber Conflict

Thoughts on two of the essays that were published in the review:

Strategic Cyber: Responding to Russian
Online Information Warfare (Page 193)

Borders in Cyberspace: Strategic Information
Conflict since 9/11 (Page 245)

Use the following website to access articles

Please provide a post - of at least 350 words - with your commentary on some of the assertions made in the article.

Understanding Cyber Conflict: 14 Analogies – Discussion Forum #4

Understanding Cyber Conflict: 14 Analogies - Discussion Forum #4

In Stephen Blank's discussion of Russian Information Warfare, Cyber Warfare, and "Political Warfare" what are the 3 key takeaways do you make from his discussion? In your opinion, is Russian actions in cyberspace "cyber terrorism" in the traditional understanding? In what areas can the United States evolve and learn from the Russian example and philosophical differences in their view of cyber warfare

Your initial post should be at least 500 words.

Use the following for reference

Understanding Cyber Conflict: 14 Analogies - Chapter 5

Module 6 Discussion – Dissenting View

Identify a reading  with which you disagree, and briefly detail your dissenting view. You can use Week 6 material for this.

Use the web links or pdfs as references.

Essay at least 500 words

Understanding Cyber Conflict: 14 Analogies – Discussion Forum #3

In this discussion, we will look at Steven Miller's commentary on whether our response to nuclear technology has any key lessons-learned to our current response to the overall cyber threat.

Mr. Miller asks the key question, "What elements of the response to nuclear technology, if any, have relevance for the cyber era?"

With that said, I would like you to tell me where you may disagree with some of the assertions Mr. Miller makes in his commentary. In no more than 400 words, please tell me where you feel some of Mr. Miller's assertions are flawed. You may share some of the areas you agree with Mr. Miller, but I would like you to critically analyze his overall assertions.

Book to use for assignment:

Understanding Cyber Conflict: 14 Analogies (Chapter 4, 10, & 14

Understanding Cyber Conflict: 14 Analogies – Discussion Forum #2

Please read Chapters 7 & 9 in the textbook.

Within Chapter 7, Francis Gavin brilliantly articulates an analogy between the expansion of cyberspace and the growth of the railroads in the early 20th century.

He opens his discussion, "The role of new technologies, especially the massive expansion of rail lines throughout Europe and their ability to move huge numbers of men and weapons more quickly to the battlefield, is often seen as a key element of how the July 1914 Crisis began and played itself out in a catastrophic world war. Can we generate insights from this history into how emerging cyber capabilities might affect great power crises in the future? What, if anything, can the story of railroads and their effect on international stability tell us about cybers influence on crisis stability today, and looking into the future"

In your discussion post, I want you to answer those specific questions. In no more than 750 words, please discuss those critical questio

Module 3 Discussion – Cyber Secuity in National & International Law

In no more than 750 words, please discuss the following one (1) of the following three (3)  questions:

1) Is it important to distinguish between different types of cyber attacks? How should we do it?

2) What should the role of the United States be in Internet Governance?

3) Is cyberspace at risk of being militarized?

Please utilize outside sources. They must be "credible" by all academic standards. You will be rewarded by the use of outside sources.