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In class reading : Haider Identity politics
Article i have chosen to relate to the reading: how america's identity policitics went from inclusion to division
Instructions: ConCiv Final paper

You need to make a clear argumentative essay really relating the reading to the argument a lot and developing those ideas

I have attached the article as a pdf , however this is the link for it if you need

RE: Reader-Response Assignment

I have a 10 page Critical Book Review Essay needed by tuesday night. The book review is on the book," the dynamics of faith" by paul Tillich and i have attached the instructions needed provided by my teacher. I can pay for the book for you as well as paying for the paper! let me know what can be done, thank you !


The purpose of this Essay is to acquaint you with an important Sacred Text of Hinduism. The Kena Upanishad is in a group of fourteen Upanishads that are the focus of philosophy in India. When one knows that over 200 Upanishads have been passed down, this emphasizes its significance.

This assignment involves two readings. First, you are asked to read The Kena Upanishad as translated by Max Mller. The second reading will be The Kena Upanishad as translated and commented upon by M. Ram Murty. Of course, you are free to read as you choose; however, to get the impact of the unique nature of Hindu Upanishads, I hope you read Mllers translation first as it has no commentary. Doing this will introduce you to the one of a kind nature of the Upanishads. Following Mllers translation with Murtys translation with comments will be welcomed!

The Kena Upanishad in Mllers translation will be found as follows:
Go to Select Hinduism on the opening page. Then scroll

Climate Change Relocation

In addition, to the problem highlighted in the Discussion Forum assignment, of an entire nation disappearing from rising seas, the climate crisis will force people to relocate and governments to adapt in many different situations, both within their home countries and to other countries.  The circumstances are many and varied.  For example the coastal native Alaskan village of Kivalina that must be relocated inland because of lack of protective winter sea ice and rising seas.  Migration and relocation are on-going today throughout the world.  Human migration caused by the climate crisis will increase dramatically in the 21st century.

For this mini-paper, you are to pick either a current or projected future area where climate change will force residents to relocate.  Describe the circumstances, extent of the relocation, and adaptation efforts that have, or will be undertaken to address the situation. In addition, discuss how these relocation and adaptati


In November 2013, the High Court of New Zealand rejected Ioane Teitiota's appeal of the decision by an immigration tribunal to deport him to his home country of Kiribati. Mr. Teitiota had been living in New Zealand with his wife since 2007; his three children were all born in New Zealand. His asylum claim was based on the argument that he was effectively a refugee as a result of climate change. His legal counsel argued that his situation was covered by the Refugee Convention because he was the victim of indirect or "passive persecution." While Judge Priestley accepted that Kiribati was at serious risk due to climate change, he rejected the grounds of appeal, aptly noting that they were "novel and optimistic" (evidently too optimistic!). He observed that were the grounds of appeal "to succeed and be adopted in other jurisdictions, at a stroke, millions of people who are facing medium-term economic deprivation, or the immediate consequences of natural disas

Views on the Mexican-American War and American Conquest in the Southwest

Describe the main point(s) presented in each article.  In other words, according to each author, what factors contributed to the American takeover of Mexican territory?
What were the key factors that caused the United States to declare war on Mexico? Compare the different views of the authors.
. How are these viewpoints similar to each other and how are they different?
Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each viewpoint?  What evidence does each author provide to support his point of view?
Determine which author provides the best explanation for why the Mexican-American War took place.


(iPhone as a designed object) UX design of iPhone and it’s success not monetary wise but focus on it’s success in enslaving/encapsulating us/our attention- we are totally attached to out phone and the design keeps us constantly engaged.

The topic is on critical analyzing the UX design of the iPhone and why that design is so successful. Meaning how this "successful" design is one that makes everything so easy to become so attached to our device. So basically why the iPhone's design ( surface design and easy features) make it a device like no other that captures people's full attention and people become obsessed with their phones.

The introduction of the Iphone within society has warped the current generation's human interaction and communication skills as well as self esteem and attention spans. The strategic UX design of the iphone within material culture and technological advancement has caused a disengagement within social interactions and has negatively affected the users psychological behavior.

Since the first release of the iphone in 2007, designers of the Iphone have presented many new models of the Iphone that have a slight variation in screen layout. As the Iphone model

case study. local and global environments for health

Task: You are to investigate and unpack an item that you use at your place of residence. The item can be anything manufactured through various processes cosmetics and personal hygiene products are generally very highly processed, as well as cleaning products, while some foods may not be so. Some clothing may be very natural (but still requiring treatments before being manufactured) while others may be very synthetic and require the use of many chemicals. You can discuss the product in general terms in the description section of the rubric; this will mean reading the very fine print on the labels!
In the following sections of interpretation and evaluation, you will need to look at the chemical component(s) of the product and unpack that further. You may find limited information on just one chemical so you can investigate up to four chemicals in the interpretation and evaluation.
In the planning section you are asked to provide some strategies to reduce our exposure to such chem

Critically analyse and assess Nayanika Mookherjees argument about how public memories engaged with the pain, trauma and subjectivities of the war heroines of Bangladesh after 1971.

In  this  regard,  how  does Spectral  Wound contribute  to  the scholarly field of war. violence and sexual violence
in modern South Asia?

critically examine how she uses her interdisciplinary archive,
the questions she raises, her framework,
and assess the  contributions  of  the  monograph,  its  significance  and  intervention  in ongoing
scholarly conversations on sexual violence, war and trauma.

At least three scholarly reviews of Spectral Wound available in peer-reviewed scholarly journals online.

N.  Chatterjee,
The  Spectral  Wound,  Sexual  Violence,  Public  Memories  and  the
Bangladesh War of 1971,
Durham, 2016,

For a gendered perspective on state violence, trauma and ethnography read U.
Butalia,  Introduction 

science, technology and society studies

Why does Michael Sandel disagree with genetic enhancement? Discuss this question in the context of both the personal decision to use genetic enhancement as well as the case of designer babies. Do you agree or disagree with Sandels argument? Explain and defend your opinion.