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Test Driven Development using functional programming

The assignment is to code an algorithm/project using Haskell as a functional programming language while undergoing test driven development. The test should use property based testing (QuickCheck) and can include unit testing (HUnit) for further marks. The algorithm can be anything but having thorough test is the main element of the coursework. Further writing is required however i have completed all the writing, i am just struggling with coding using Haskell

Check point 5

his week, you will create and implement an object-oriented programming design for your project. You will learn to identify and describe the classes, their attributes and operations, as well as the relations between the classes. Create class diagrams using Visual Studio. Review the How to: Add class diagrams to projects (Links to an external site.) page from Microsofts website; it will tell you how to install it.

Submit a screen shot from Visual Studio with your explanation into a Word document, save as a .docx, before submitting it.

To read the directions for this project, refer to the Checkpoint Course Project page.

Save your assignment using a naming convention that includes your first and last name and the activity description. Do not add punctuation or special characters. CH5DoeJohn.docx

If you have any questions along the way, do not hesitate to ask your instructor in the Online Office.



A  proton  and  an  electron  have  an  average  separation  of  20    1010  m. Calculate  the  ratio  of  the  electrostatic  force  FE  to  the  gravitational  force FG  acting  on  the  particles. Use  G  =  667    1011  N  m2  kg2.

VBA and flowchart

4.6 VBA Project: Olympus Tours
Assume you have just been hired by Olympus Tours (OT), a bus-rental company located in Orem, Utah.  OT provides buses for groups such as schools, family reunions, travel clubs, etc. The smallest group OT will bus is 20 people and the largest group is 120 people.

Two types of buses are available for use: small buses (25 maximum riders per bus) and large buses (60 maximum riders per bus).  Assume that OT has access to all of the small and large buses it needs.

Table 1. Bus Combinations

    # of Buses
Option    Riders    Small    Big
1    Min    20    1    0
Max    25
2    Min    26    2    0
Max    50
3    Min    51    0    1
Max &n

RE: Decision Making Vs. Problem Solving

Suppose you work for a toy store, and a friend of yours is an account representative for a product wholesaler. You know the store owner is considering adding new product lines. Although you have no purchasing authority, your friend has asked you to arrange a meeting with the store owner. You have heard unflattering rumors about this wholesalers customer service and product quality. (SLO #2)

Would you arrange a meeting between your friend and your boss? Explain.
Would you mention the customer service rumors either to your friend or your boss? Explain.
Would you try to influence the purchase decision? Explain.

APA style, 2-3 pages at least two reference

INFO 153 HW6

This assignment is to load data from CSV, populate them in a SQLite database, and run in-database analytics with SQL. I am confused on where to start so all the help I can get would be appreciated! When I submit it, I typically need the code I did and screenshots of the code/finished product. I attached the homework file as well. Thanks!


Hey, how are you doing? I need some help with a DCF Question. I need it as soon as possible. Could you please help me out with it? Thank you!
I have also attached the solution to another DCF Analysis question and the format should somewhat look like that.


1.    You have been refining your art skills, congratulations! You recently have been using waterproof paints in your artwork, but you spilled them all over yourself. You need to clean it off before a family party. How could you remove the paint? Would your approach have any adverse effects on your skin? Why?
2.    Cooking is an art, but baking is chemistry. Very specific interactions between ingredients must occur for a recipe to turn out correctly. What is the better way to measure dry ingredients for a recipe, volume or mass? Which way is more common for measurement in the kitchen?
3.    On the Periodic Table of elements, there is a curious group of elements along the division between metals and nonmetals. They are the metalloids and they exhibit unique properties. Why do these elements have these properties? Use what you know about the Periodic table to defend your answer.
4.    Which bond type is stronger, ionic


1.    You have never done a chemical reaction with moles and mass before this, so this is a challenging problem to solve. I put this here as an option because while you have never done this specifically, you have done enough work with mass and moles to understand how each half of the equation is formed, and so can find the answers. The equation is perfectly balanced, so each mole of Tin (Sn) will produce one mole of H2. If you think you are the right track, you may email me for guidance and checks along the way.
Tin metal (Sn) reacts with hydrogen fluoride (HF) to produce tin (II) fluoride (SnF2) and hydrogen gas (H2) according to the following balanced equation.
A.    How many moles of HF are required to react completely with 125.0g of Sn?

B.    How many grams of H2 would be formed by that amount of Sn and HF?

C.    How many moles of SnF2 would be formed by that amount of tin a

Implementation of two algorithms

Hi, I needed help in implementing two algorithms present in the attached research paper( Let me know if you have do it within the next 48 hours.
Or you can just tell me how to execute the code given in the link below: