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The work submitted will include a (10 minute) audio recording with the following components/ a written speech 850 words
    A clearly identified client with whom you intend to work, together with the client details and a summary of the presenting issues. Do not merely provide the description of the Case Scenario as provided to you.
    Describe the problem(s) according to your assessment of the situation and provide a Case or Problem Formulation. This formulation needs to be couched in language that leads logically to the choice of a Solution-focussed intervention for working with the client.
    Provide a rationale for using Solution-focussed intervention and describe the process of intervention you would undertake with the client, together with your reasoning.
    Provide a critically reflective commentary on your responses to this scenario which should include reference to you values, beliefs, ex

Any topic (writer’s choice)

The next written assignment asks you to identify the ongoing social movement that you have selected for study. It's typically helpful to differentiate a movement from possibly related collective behaviors at this early point. Similarly, though your research might well shed additional light on such matters it's also useful to present a brief summary of your movement's origins in Assg. #6. Please submit this assignment to the dropbox, Social Movements, by midnight next Tuesday, April 4 at midnight. Once again, originality (with regard to selection of a movement) is to be emphasized,

Social Problem

2. Go into more depth within your chosen social problem. Examine your selected social problem and theorize why your social problem exists in the first place. Which sociological theory do you identify most with as you describe your social problem (see page 15 of your text/figure 1.7 & table 1.2). Why? (100-150 words)
I'd like for us to use our sociological imagination. C. Wright Mills (a famous sociologist) described the sociological imagination as: "the vivid awareness of the relationship between personal experience and the wider society"

Comparing Conflict Theory and Labeling Theory

Write a 1 page essay answering these questions:

1) Use Conflict Theory and Labeling Theory

2) Describe the theorists behind them (their actual names please).

3) Explain the main ideas of the theories.

4) Compare and contrast the two theories.

5) Demonstrate how each may or may not be appropriate in describing some aspect of society today.

Climate Change Relocation

In addition, to the problem highlighted in the Discussion Forum assignment, of an entire nation disappearing from rising seas, the climate crisis will force people to relocate and governments to adapt in many different situations, both within their home countries and to other countries.  The circumstances are many and varied.  For example the coastal native Alaskan village of Kivalina that must be relocated inland because of lack of protective winter sea ice and rising seas.  Migration and relocation are on-going today throughout the world.  Human migration caused by the climate crisis will increase dramatically in the 21st century.

For this mini-paper, you are to pick either a current or projected future area where climate change will force residents to relocate.  Describe the circumstances, extent of the relocation, and adaptation efforts that have, or will be undertaken to address the situation. In addition, discuss how these relocation and adaptati

Social welfare

Please analyze, discuss and reflect on something that you found interesting in the readings/material for this week.

You should present one paragraph for each source assigned for the week*.  Your response  should be carefully and thoughtfully written, using correct grammar and punctuation and clear writing. Your answers must all be written in your own words and you must cite any material that you reference.

*For online sources that have multiple links, please present one paragraph total.

Please show me that you can think critically about the material and apply it to the field of social work.

Religion and Family

Please answer these two question with the following reading I have provided. Only use this reference and no other. Number the questions so I know which question is which.

1. What is an anchoring schema? What are the implications for religion and other institutions that claim the family as an anchoring schema?

2. What are the profiles of family ministry that the author discovered?

Indigenous women

Students are to write an 8 - 10 page Final Essay on a class topic of their choice.  The paper must include both the required and supplemental readings as well as 10 additional sources. A good place to start is the notes and references for that chapter in the Visions of the Heart Text + independent class contributions from class-mates presentations; but students are required to go further and use library resources and databases.  The sources can be varied; books, chapters in books, academic journal articles, newspapers and magazine articles as well as web-sources, but at least 4 of the additional 10 sources must be academic (i.e. peer-reviewed academic texts and/or academic journal articles.

The Final essay is not simply a summary of content; it must engage the students critical and analytical skills and begin with a clear statement of purpose and intent.  The discussion paper is an opportunity for the student to learn about a topic and then compose a paper that



This Life-in-a-Day will comprise autobiographical account of one day in your own life. You must relate (some of) the experience and incidents in which you are involved during the course of the day. You should discuss and analyse these in terms of the concepts and ideas from 3 theoretical perspectives.

The focus of the Life in a Day is thus yourself and how your own actions, words and behaviour can be analysed in terms of the module's different perspectives.

Advice: You may find it easiest to focus on a small number of key incidents from your day, rather than trying to write an account of everything that happened to you. You could apply one perspective to each incident, or alternatively you might analyse each incident in terms of all four perspectives. You need not to agree with the perspectives you choose, but you must demonstrate how they can be applied to your self.

The theory you need to use are:
Gabriel, Y. &

Gender Socialiazation

The goals of this assignment are to demonstrate how gender socialization takes place in our everyday lives.

1.Choose one TV commercial that you normally enjoy watching.

a. In your first paragraph describe how differently the male and female characters are described by answering the following questions.
What product of commercial did you choose to watch?  What is the setting? Which gender is the voice actor? Present the web link to the commercial.
What roles do the male and female characters play? How are the visual images of male and female characters, such as their physical figure, hairstyle, kinds of clothes and colors that they put on, different? What kind of music and sound are used? Present the lyrics if any.
What gender norms in our society do the roles that male and female characters play represent?  What gender norms the difference in their clothing and hairstyle as well as the music/sound and the lyrics represent?

b. In your second para