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Biblical sources New Testament

Select one of the following New Testament Letters (1 Thessalonians, Galatians, Philippians, 1st or 2nd Timothy, Titus, Ephesians, Colossians)

(3 Part Prompt be sure to answer all 3 to get credit)

1.) Describe the purpose of this letter and to whom (individual or community) was it written.

2.) Pick a chapter or verses that summarizes the letter best.

3.) Reflect on the value of this letter to this community and today.   

RE: Reader-Response Assignment

I have a 10 page Critical Book Review Essay needed by tuesday night. The book review is on the book," the dynamics of faith" by paul Tillich and i have attached the instructions needed provided by my teacher. I can pay for the book for you as well as paying for the paper! let me know what can be done, thank you !


Hello! I need a powerpoint slideshow to be made consisting of 15-20 slides or around 1000 words. I have an essay written to base the slideshow off of also.

Create a slideshow on Pentecostalism, a religious sect of Christianity. talk about their Origin story, clergy, women in history, type of religion it is, locations, adherents, changes in religion, symbols, after death, practices, life events, sacred texts, stories, life cycle events, beliefs


The purpose of this Essay is to acquaint you with an important Sacred Text of Hinduism. The Kena Upanishad is in a group of fourteen Upanishads that are the focus of philosophy in India. When one knows that over 200 Upanishads have been passed down, this emphasizes its significance.

This assignment involves two readings. First, you are asked to read The Kena Upanishad as translated by Max Mller. The second reading will be The Kena Upanishad as translated and commented upon by M. Ram Murty. Of course, you are free to read as you choose; however, to get the impact of the unique nature of Hindu Upanishads, I hope you read Mllers translation first as it has no commentary. Doing this will introduce you to the one of a kind nature of the Upanishads. Following Mllers translation with Murtys translation with comments will be welcomed!

The Kena Upanishad in Mllers translation will be found as follows:
Go to Select Hinduism on the opening page. Then scroll

The Lineage and Birth of Jesus of Nazareth in Matthew and Luke

Answer these questions in 2 sentences:

The Genealogies:  Matthew 1:1-17 and Luke 3:23-38

How are these genealogies similar?  (You dont need to go in to specific detail.  Just talk generallyabout things like structure, themes, etc.)

How are they different?

Does the Matthew genealogy connect with the Jewish background of this gospel?  If so, how?

What is the significance of the 14 generations in Matthew?  (Take a look at the notes in the HarperCollins Study Bible)

What is the significance of the women in Matthews genealogy (especially in light of Matthew 1:18-25)?

Does the Lukan genealogy connect with the Gentile (non-Jewish) and universal character of the gospel of Luke?  If so, how? 

The Birth Announcement (Annunciation):  Matthew 1:18-25 and Luke 1:26-56

How are these texts similar?

The Book Of Job

Write a 3-page (12 pt. font, double-spaced) paper based on the one of the following two prompts. It is not necessary to answer each of the questions within the prompt, though they probably will be helpful.  However, you should respond to the main thrust of the set of questions.  It is fine to consult other parts of Job, as well as the footnotes in your Bibles. 

Choose one (1) of the following:

3a)      As monotheists (people who believe there is one God) talk about the problem of evil, they have often framed the question in this way:

          If      #1) God is good and just
                And    #2) God is all-powerful

        Why do  #3) innocent people suffer?

Sometimes people try to resolve this by arguing that one of the above statements is

Week 4 dialogue

Life in Russia for a university  student.dicuss well being and opportunities for the Russian population. Place myself in Russia consider the quality  of life as well as prospects for the future.identify the current impacts of current reforms based on esx and age-54 female.important!- faith integration how do you think God can  address the needs of marginalized people  in the world .Bible has many examples of marginalized  people.


Reading Assignment:
--The Bible: Amos, Chapters 2-9; and Isaiah, Chapters 1, 2 and 11
--Armstrong, pp. 101-119

In reading Amos and Isaiah, ask yourselves:
Exactly what are the sins and who are the sinners they denounce (or that God
denounces through them)?
What is the punishment God will wreak upon them if they do not reform?
What must the Hebrews do to avoid such punishment?
What is the long-term goal of history, the glorious hope that God holds out
even if He has to punish the Hebrews in the short term?
What is the purpose of the punishment?

Writing Assignment: Eight Questions
The Book of Amos
1) Chapter 2, verses 4-9: What are some of the crimes or transgressions of the
kingdoms of Judah and Israel that God denounces here (through Amos?s
2) Chapter 5, verses 7-12: What crimes are being denounced here? Who is
committing them?
3) Chapter 5, verses 14-15: What is God commanding the Hebrews to do if they
want t

Defination Essay on Biblical Term

Definition Essay Assignment

1. If reference is cited from a bible, then there is no citation required.  2. APA Essay format will be marked very carefully, so make sure the application of rue is correct.  3. Review page 53 from WRTG 101 Course Pack SP2020. And follow the guide line for this assigment.

4. Choose ONE term from the list below. Write a 1-2 page essay (APA format) to define the term using the Bible as the primary source of evidence.  The essay should include an introduction, 1 body paragraph based on the example story below, and a conclusion.

You can use additional sources (make sure they are authoritative/credible) to help you understand the term. Make sure to include citations for these sources if you use ideas from them in the discussion sections of your body paragraphs. 

A reference for the Bible is NOT necessary (i.e. if the Bible is your only source of evidence, no References page needed). 


Tertullian on Inherited Guilt and Origen on Inherited Sin

Readings 6.3 and 6.6!!! First 3 pages in attachment
Briefly describe any points of agreement or disagreement. o Do the authors agree on a given point? Briefly explain where they agree. o Do they disagree? Briefly explain where they disagree.
Evaluate and take a position on the readings. o Do you agree with one author over another? Why/why not? o What is your own position in relation to the readings?