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Any topic (writer’s choice)

Please read the instructions carefully
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In class reading : Haider Identity politics
Article i have chosen to relate to the reading: how america's identity policitics went from inclusion to division
Instructions: ConCiv Final paper

You need to make a clear argumentative essay really relating the reading to the argument a lot and developing those ideas

I have attached the article as a pdf , however this is the link for it if you need

coronavirus or climate change

kindly, use simple workds but effective

Here is the final project. It has four parts but nothing you have not seen before. It will look like a lot because there are certain instructions.
Part 1: Summary
Part 2: Three quick questions
Part 3: Comparing two PSAs of your choice for logos, pathos OR ethos.
Part 4: Personal response

EDM 402 Module 1 Case

You will be referring to the required readings, videos, and websites to address the assignments. Additionally, you can also research other professional sources available on the internet.

Case Assignment
From the NIPP of 2013, what is meant by Partnership Structure? Give an example.

Choose one of the 16 Critical Infrastructure Sectors and comment on its Sector Specific Plan. What other sectors is it closely linked to? Why? How?

Explain SCADA. Why is SCADA a popular target for terrorists? Explain and use quotations to support your statements.

Assignment Expectations
Length: This Case Assignment should be at least 3 pages, not counting the title page and references.

References: At least two references should be included from academic sources (e.g., peer-reviewed journal articles). Required readings are included. Quoted material should not exceed 10% of the total paper (since the focus of these assignments is critical thinking). Use your own words a

Choose any topic from the instructions

You may choose to identify and address an issue related to your own everyday experience or interests - jobs, family, school, health, community or local concerns.  In writing your papers you will concisely and explicitly express (a) the issue being addressed, (b) the position you are taking on the issue as you have expressed it, and (c) three primary premises in support of that position.  Once you have written this skeletal form of the argument, you will then (d) write a paragraph-length discussion/explanation of your premises and how they support your position/conclusion.  The numbered premises of the skeletal argument will serve as the topic sentences for each individual paragraph of support.  Use only simple declarative sentences to express the skeletal argument.  Each paper will adhere to this format, illustrated below:

Issue:  Whether the 1965 Minnesota Twins could have beaten the 2010 New York Yankees in a 7 Game Series.
Position:  196

Whats Best Form Of Political Arrangement For Aristotle

Would a person be happy if he was the only living person in the world? No. Aristotle says that "man is by nature a political animal" [3] , because he is the only amongst the animals that "has the ability to communicate his ideas about justice and the good" [4] ; he alone amongst the animals has speech. This allows us to say that human partnerships are natural and so are cities, because they arise from smaller human partnerships, the villages and the households. A city is autarkic [5] , meaning that it contains everything that is necessary to live a good life; "it originated for the sake of basic survival, but exists for the sake of living well". Living well requires a life according to virtue since, as Aristotle says "the best way of life both separately for each individual and in common for cities is that accompanied by virtue"; that life will result in happiness, which is the aim of human life. That means that the best form of political arrangement should care for virtue. Moreover, i

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Course Learning Outcomes-Covered
Identify and analyze different perspectives on understanding problems for different situations.
Utilize different decision making tools to enhance problem solving and decision making approaches.
Develop numerical skills required for quantitative decisions in complex situations.
Create a Decision Making and Problem Solving worksheet document.

The Unreflective thinker

Each Journal Entry will address one of these stages. Your challenge is to examine a situation in your own life experience that can serve as an example for each of these stages. If you cannot think of a personal example then research the stage in question and journal about that material.

Each upload should be about one page.

Stage One

We Begin as Unreflective Thinkers

We all begin as largely unreflective thinkers, fundamentally unaware of the determining role that thinking is playing in our lives. We dont realize, at this stage, the many ways that problems in thinking are causing problems in our lives. We unconsciously think of ourselves as the source of truth. We assume our own beliefs to be true. We unreflectively take in many absurd beliefs merely because they are believed by those around us. We have no intellectual standards worthy of the name. Wish fulfillment plays a significant role in what we believe. Whatever we want, we believe we should have. We cr

Writing Assignment for Business Ethics

Using the case study on "Dining In," and your knowledge of our three Philosophers, Aristotle, Mill, and Kant, choose one philosopher who would agree with the solution or one who disagrees.  Make a clear and precise claim for the philosopher and then using their theory, provide evidence for what they would say.  Make sure to include opposition as well as a rebuttal.  Make sure to include the following for this assignment;
1.  Claim for your philosopher.
2.  Evidence, this is where you show me that you understand a particular philosopher's theory and you know how to apply it.  
3.  Opposition, this could come from one of the other philosophers or something you have thought about in terms of where someone might find a weakness in one or more of your reasons.
4.  Rebuttal, make sure to then show why your opposition is wrong and th

M4A2: Lab: Identifying the Scope of Your States Data and Security Breach Notification Law


The United States does not have a unified data privacy law at the national level as, for example, many countries in Europe do. Laws such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) are comprehensive and effective, but only protect consumers in a single industry.

So, what if an individuals private data is subjected to a security breach not covered by HIPAA or GLBA? Without an overarching federal mandate in effect, a company that discovered its data had been compromised is not compelled to notify all the affected individuals. Notification, and possible liability to provide identity theft protection, comes only in laws including mandated security breach notifications. To bridge the gap in privacy protection, most states have enacted their own privacy laws.

With the help of the Internet, you can research these gaps and find out what your state does to protect your privacy. For instance, the purpose o

Short Paper: Analysis of the Breach Notification Law Letter

Required Resources

    Complete the Module Notes: Federal and State Laws on Information Security and Breach Notification

Assignment Requirements

Using the library and other available Internet sources, search for an example of an official breach notification letter. Analyze the notification letter. Write a summary of your findings. The summary must include:

    The specific laws alleged to have been violated in the breach notification letter
    The roles/responsibilities each department possesses in relation to the breach based on your state-specific data breach policy
    An appropriate response to the specific breach notification letter to be sent to the victims of the data breach