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financial Ratios and growth rates

Analyze annual financial statements for (at least) the past five years and quarterly statements for the most recent four quarters. This should include financial ratios and growth rates. . How does your firm compare to its major competitors?
Company: Chipotle and competitors Pollo Loco and Del Taco
I need to calculate the following ratios:
Internal Liquidity Ratios
Current Ratio
Quick Ratio
Cash Ratio
Receivables Turnover
Average Receivable Collection Period
Inventory Turnover
Average Inventory Processing Period
Payables Turnover Ratio
Payables Payment Period

Operating Efficiency Ratios
Total Asset Turnover
Net Fixed Asset Turnover
Equity Turnover

Operating Profitability Ratios
Gross Profit Margin
Operating Profit Margin
Net Profit Margin
Return on Total Capital
Return on Total Equity
Return on Owner's Equity

The Dupont Model
Net Profit Margin
Total Asset Turnover
Equity Multiplier

Logic-based Programming

Via MS Excel, develop a logic-based programming application.

Use the data in the Mod_9_10 OUITBloodPressureTableau.xlsx Excel spreadsheet (or corresponding .zip file). Create a dropdown that allows the user to select:


    County Location

    Hospital Type

Use these selections to determine:

    The total number of patients at the specific hospital

    The average age of patients at the specific hospital (combined, male and female),

    The average change in blood pressure over the course of the treatment period from current to 6 months after admission.

Provide an Excel file with one button on it - I will select a state, county and hospital time to test your module. Be sure and save your file as an Excel - Macro-Enabled file structure.

The attached file has some of the codding. I just need the rest were it showes the final result. Also it is an Ecxc

Generating xml/json file based on the value provided from csv/xls/xlsx

*Read only csv/xls/xlsx(sample file Excel2/xlsx) from src location configured in dl-config file.(5 threads at time)
*Rows in a file should be grouped on basis of configured columns mentioned in scenarios is explained more in
*Once the group is done , check the sizeConfig from dl_config file if the config is 'Volumne' and based on the sizeLimit copy the files mentioned in COMMAND_FilePath to workDir one it reaches 10 GB stop the file copying but the file which is still under process should be completed eventhough it exceeds more the config size, once the file completes stop it.If the config is 'All' then in group copy all the datafiles irrespective of size
group1 : (Volume Wise)
Ad,AT,AY -10.3GB - once copied start creating a manifest and zip it & rename it and move to zipFileStream path
AY,AG - 10 GB -once copied start creating a manifest and zip it & rename it and move t

Chapter 12 & 13 Questions

Problem Scenario 1: write out 7 steps for all hypothesis tests

The following is a problem description. Use the mean & variance provided to answer the questions which follow, showing all calculations BY HAND. For all hypothesis tests, you MUST show all 7 steps we have been using and use the CRITICAL VALUE METHOD to make your decision.  Treat each question as a separate problem -- we use the same data set but are answering different research questions.

Fitness Training
There are different approaches to fitness training. To judge which one of two approaches is better, 200 twenty-five-year-old men are randomly selected to participate in an experiment. For four weeks, 100 men are trained by Approach 1 while the other 100 men are trained by Approach 2.  The improvement in fitness was measured for each man and the statistics shown below were computed. The measurements are known to be normally distributed.

NOTE: use ONLY the Critical Value method for hypot

Social media paper

You will write a 4.5-5 page research-based paper using proper APA formatting that describes the problems related to social media in the workplace and propose solutions on how a company could address these issues.  The page count does not include the cover page or reference page. An abstract is not required. The Library has a section on proper APA formatting with useful resources. The Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) is a very useful, easy to navigate resource.

The paper will have the following sections:

an introduction;
a review of the related literature that highlights the problems found with social media and how it impacts the workplace;
a proposed solution on how to address each problem;
a concise conclusion that wraps up and unfies the central themes
a reference page (a minimum of five (5) scholarly resources must be used. (Wikipedia and similar types of information are not valid references).  Popular resources may be used if they add important

Small Data Analysis project (Basic)

This project is comprised of a number of small tasks. To accomplish the tasks, you would need to review the provided 9 datasets. (But only need to use 4 data sets for the project) and develop research questions that you find plausible and interesting. Then, you will use Excel to split, or merge, or manipulate the relevant data, perform the analysis and present the results. Note that not all information (rows, columns) needs to be used, selecting the interesting information to be used is part of your task and will depend on your research questions.

Tasks: you would need to use ALL quantitative methods introduced in this course to solve your own research questions.

The methods that you need to use include:
1) Descriptive methods, Pie Charts, Bar Charts, Line Charts, and Histograms (Lecture 2);
2) Normal Distribution (Lecture 3 and 4);
3) Simple Random Sampling (Lecture 5);
4) Sample Distribution (Lecture 5);
5) Confide

App project

This project should take no more than a week to do. CSS framework,

The user should be able to list, create, update and delete a list of contacts. The page should be
properly styled. The screenshot is an example showing the basic styles. Feel free to change the
style to whatever you like

Python Project

Find the count of words in 'Functionality' column of the attached spreadsheet. Write a python program to find count of words and frequency of words (tf-idf) across the words.
The output file must be in excel format showing:
a. top 100 words  and counts of those words by organization name and owner.
b.  top 100 words and frequency (tf-idf) of those words by organization name and owner.
c. pie chart or bar graph showing count and frequency of words by organization name.

Another output should be GUI window should have
a. visualization top 20 words count by organization. Display those words and word counts as well.
b and display the complete text  of these 20 words in tabular format. Display date and organization name as well.
c  interactive chat box  within GUI window
d chat box first message that should display 'How can I help you?'.
e. The user will type the word that they want to search. For example 'organization'.
f. c

Assessment A

Format: Calculation and brief working or short answer with explanation as well as the calculation solved in an Excel spreadsheet. For each calculation you must provide a manual solution and a solution using excel. Typing straight into excel without doing the calculations in excel does not qualify as solving in excel. Use the excel template provided. Do all the assignment with explanations in excel and upload one file. Type your explanation and manual answer in text boxes.

Two answers one in Excel and one in a Text box
You must provide a full answer with explanation and accompanied with the calculation done manually and one done in Excel. See the example below.
1.    Manual answer as if you were answering the question in an exam (but typed). Include a time line or cash flow map/table, an explanation of the logic used to arrive at the answer, the formula used and then the calculations. The formula on its own followed by the answer is not enough.
2. &nb

Discussion Assignment 2

While this unit is focused on quantitative analysis for program evaluation or policy analysis, in this discussion session we will consider two very short essays on the relevance of evaluation to disaster and emergency management generally.

Review the following articles:

Discussion 2 -Enhancing Disaster and Emergency Preparedness.pdf

Discussion 2 -Evaluation of Disaster and Emergency Mgt.pdf

The first essay presents an argument of how evaluation enhances the several cycles or phases of managing emergencies and disasters.

The second considers how evaluation practices should be applied to the specific context of emergencies and disasters.

Please offer your own assessment of both of these general topics. First, how important is solid evaluation work to effective emergency management practices? Second, what is a basis for establishing evaluation standards around disaster or emergency issues? These are relatively complex questions please offer your