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GER Assessment elements reviewed:
1. All identifying information regarding the pieces included in the concert. Such as: Context of the concert presentation - where, when, who played or sang, works performed, etc.
2. Identify the music you heard by composer and title and speak to details presented in the music to include terms, concepts, and historical context as discussed in class.
3. Discuss the presentation of the music to include performance details such as arrangement of the performers, ensemble makeup, presence of conductor or not, or the overall impact of the performance; did they play (or sing) well or badly, did they use distracting mannerisms, did they handle themselves well on stage, etc. 4. Which piece did you like the most, and the least, and why? Identify contrasting in the work or performance that may have contributed or detracted from your enjoyment. What, if anything, did this music mean to you and tell your opinion of it. If there are many different works o

Jazz End-of-Term Written Assignment

One of the course objectives is to recognize the great jazz innovators and their contributions to jazz music.  Your end-of-term written assignment is to reflect upon what you have learned about jazzand about musicand to examine how that knowledge has helped you gain an appreciation for jazz music.

For this assignment, you can discuss either a jazz style or a particular performer that *we have studied in the class. To examine this style or performer, you are to select a jazz recording that has not been featured in the online lessons, unit listening lists, discussion boards, or supplementary recordings.

*Note:  You may also choose a performer or style that we have NOT studied in the class as long as your selected recording is also NOT from the class.

Pick a piece that you especially like, or that you find moving or memorable.  As a header for your paper, be sure to cite the recording details: the group (or solo performer), the title of the piece, the c

American Action film

- Formulate a thesis on how the films representations of gender and sexuality, and its treatment of action genre tropes, reflect larger cultural and historical issues taking place in American society around the time of the films production

- Relate the film to theories and concepts from reading. Use 2 brief quotations from the reading to support your arguments. Quotations should take up a maximum of 3 lines of text and include an MLA style in-text citation.

- Provide analysis of at least one formal element from the film (a cinematography, mise-en-scne, lighting, editing or sound design technique) as part of your arguments.

Art project

Throughout the text the student will describe in as much detail as possible, while using art terms
presented in class, their chosen work of art including the formal elements such as medium/technique,
subject, composition, installation, texture, style, visual elements, principles of design, etc. From your
description, the reader should be able to perfectly visualize the work of art in their head without
actually seeing it. This section should make up the majority of the paper.
After describing the work, the student will include their interpretations of the work based on the
subject and information covered throughout the course. What do you think the content is? Did the

artist include iconography? What does it represent? Why do you think the artist chose to depict the
work of art in the way that they did?
Next, the student should add the reason for choosing this particular work. What was it about this piece
that caught your attention?

designed object

Select a design object from the Art Institute (Textile, Furniture, Pottery, Architectural Detail, Household or Office equipment, etc.) and write a 2-3 page (double spaced, 12-pt.) research paper on/critical analysis of the object.

chose 1 from those 3(chose the one you feel its most easy for u to write)

you can elaborate on the information on the art institute website but don't use them too directly. can write the object with the background research of its era and art styles or economics at that time and how  that influence the design desicions.

discussion on Crime TV

you can choose to write to one of these points, or a combination of them):

Is it important to make distinctions between different television texts that fall under the broad umbrella of Crime TV? Why?

How has crime television evolved with changes in the television ecosystem?

What are some of the ways that different kinds of crime TV contribute to the process of working through?

Unbelievable, episode 3, on Netflix.

Content warning: This series deals with rape and sexual violence and the questioning of victims in the aftermath. I've chosen episode 3 as the set screening as it is somewhat less confronting than the first two episodes (it focuses more on the detectives and the investigation rather than questioning the victims in detail as the first two episodes do), but please be aware of the subject matter and proceed accordingly.

you dont have to watch it,  you might want to check out the summaries of the episodes on Wikipedia

Any topic (writer’s choice)

This is the assignment that replaces CA

Read the two articles below and summarize in your own words the arguments put forward for and against Wonder Woman being UN Ambassador. Then, provide your own opinion on the subject supported by your own arguments: should Wonder Woman have continued being the UN Ambassador (Why yes or why not)? Can she serve as a role model for women around the world, or maybe some women such as in the West  (Why yes or why not)? If so who could be role model for all women or what should be changed in Wonder Woman to represent all women?

The most important part is your own critical analysis.

Requirements: deadline is Sunday, April 5 class time; all late submissions will be penalized

word count: 500 words minimum; please add word count at the bottom of your submission

grading criteria: as per writing rubric

Safe Assign will be used, which is why it is important you rephrase ideas not copy directly


20th Century Architecture – Japans Westernization of architectural styles

Research Question: Has war and politics played a strong influence on Japans Westernization of architectural styles and housing society over the 19th and 20th centuries and how?

Thesis Statement: Politics and war have had a significant impact on the Japans westernization of architectural styles and housing over the 19th century.

Focus on the Meiji, Taisho, and early to late Showa periods

Please read the attached research paper guidelines. This focuses on art and architecture.

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Journal Prompt

The weekly journal entries are a way for you as scholars and artists to reflect your experiences about the themes, readings and realities of this course. You can write about anything you would like including the options below.

The length of your entries does not matter. I just hope that your entries are meaningful and creative.


-Write about your experiences with the Coronavirus and the global pandemic. You can journal about your personal experience, the readings you are doing, conversations you are having, observations about the people around you, social issues, politics, etc.

Music Appreciation

Find, listen and research
Find any video of these 3 world famous classical music performers,400 words for each performers.
Manuel Barrueco,
Joshua Bell,
Kathleen Battle.
A. write a short biography of the performer
B. find out who composed the piece of music and - write a short biography of the composer
C. research and describe the piece of music using these criteria: period/style and discuss at least 1 structural concept (key,form,texture)
D. Your personal thoughts of the music in at least 2 sentences!
After you finish each of the three performers, do a proofreading and proof listening!
Each performance - biography of performer, biography of composer, music description/analysis. Minimum 400 per.12 point font double spaced,Include cover page
Internet research is acceptable,Plagiarism is Unacceptable.No copy and paste
Use any info websites but no, to Wikipedia.Bibliography is required.