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Staffing OrganizatiOnS Eighth Edition Herbert G. Heneman III University of Wisconsin–Madison Timothy A. Judge University of Notre Dame John D. Kammeyer-Mueller University of Minnesota

Instructions Focus Paper Instructions: Weekly papers are research papers that focus on each aspect of personnel selection and evaluation we are reviewing for the week. The Focus Papers topics will be provided, and correlate to the term objectives. Refer to the course schedule for the topics covered during each week. Each Microsoft Word (.docx file extension) paper should be between 750-1000 words, should include a mix of references (including scholarly publications, not just the textbook for the course) and be formatted according to APA standards with proper citations (unless otherwise noted in the instructions for each week). Assignment: Determining which HR staffing metrics to measure and report upon, will depend on the organizations goals. Your assignment is to choose two important staffing metrics that are industry standards (and can be implemented or used across multiple industries i.e. time to fill). Why would an organization want to have this data? How can you act upon this d

applying personality theory

write an analysis and application paper applying personality theory to an individual expression of personality, historical or contemporary. Such personalites may be found in: literature, film, poetry, music, myth, tradition, etc. The subjects for the application of theoretical concepts may include playwrights, authors, poets, songwriters, theatrical or movie characters, politicians, cultural icons, etc.   WHAT IS YOUR BUDGET? CHAT LIVE WITH OUR CREDIT CONTROLLER NOW AND GIVE US YOUR BUDGET AND WE WILL GIVE FAVORABLE RATES TO YOU!!!


List at least five findings from your research, including investigations specified in the project description, related to beam theory. Your research should enhance your understanding of structural beams and help you design your beam alternatives. Any on-line sources used must be technically credible, acceptable, and reliable website sources, such as technical societies or associations, research institutes, etc. The use of on line encyclopedia type references, such as Wikipedia,, Britannica Online Encyclopedia, etc. are not acceptable sources. Reference sources using the Chicago Manual of Style format. When preparing the team design package,   WHAT IS YOUR BUDGET? CHAT LIVE WITH OUR CREDIT CONTROLLER NOW AND GIVE US YOUR BUDGET AND WE WILL GIVE FAVORABLE RATES TO YOU!!!

Writing Dissertation

Writing Dissertation Introduction A dissertation requires adequate preparation. It is usually lengthy and, time consuming. Students writing dissertation tasks for the first time should know the process to follow. A dissertation supports a particular thesis. It is lengthy and, points must be fully discussed. The information contained in the discussion must be supported. It is done using relevant academic materials and, information gathered from genuine sources. These include journals, publications, books and, online sources. These sources are of great assistance to anybody writing dissertation works. Here, is a guide that students should use when writing dissertation papers in any academic discipline:
  1. 1.      The student is normally required to propose a topic. Selection of a topic, when writing dissertation assignments is guided by many factors. The most impo

Admission Essays for Private High Schools

With the dearth of quality public academic facilities available, you may consider private high school as the better option for your teens. While public schools may readily expose your children to a myriad of social problems, poor discipline and unsafe situations.

  Private high school application packages will usually require admission essays, not only from your children, but from you, too. It is advised to go online and see what types of sample high school admission essay are available for you to consult.   While the teenager’s essay question will deal with his academic achievements up until that point, sporting interests and hobbies, the parents’ questions revolve more around the family setting in which the teen is growing up. Like colleges, private high schools would like to know not only about the teen’s academic performance, but also whether they will be able to personally qualify

Good Thesis Examples are a Blessing

Good thesis examples are those ones that will inspire you as you write your own. Looking at one should make you feel that it is not a nightmare after all. Do not let them fool you though. Behind each one of them is work that involves research, referencing and proofreading. This is not meant to discourage but to prepare you.

Good thesis examples should be clear, with a logical flow from beginning to end. The reader should find ways of modeling his/her thesis based on it. A good thesis example is a blessing to a thesis writer stuck at some stage. For most people, once you start writing, some parts just end up complex or confusing. This is where good thesis examples come in. Be cautious however, not to end up plagiarizing somebody else’s work since it might do you more harm than good. Paraphrase what you need to because nowadays computer applications can p

Dissertation Coaching: Making it Possible

Being stuck at the PHD level because of an undone or yet to be finished dissertation is not news. To finally go through the dissertation process, you need to set up goals and structures that are realistic. Dissertation coaching helps you do this. When somebody is accountable to a coach, they have some pressure that helps them meet their weekly milestones.

  Constant feedback and acknowledgement reinforces one’s confidence in his or her abilities. Dissertation coaching provides that moral support you need. It also helps prioritize weekly tasks to keep the dissertation on track.  Meeting with your coach regularly can boost your performance, not just in the field but also in academics. External critique that comes with dissertation coaching keeps you objective and provides a sense of clarity.   Dissertation coaching removes t

Getting Through Doctoral dissertation

The last stretch of a marathon of a doctoral degree is the doctoral dissertation. Getting a dissertation requires months or years of intensive writing and researching. It is both a major personal and professional challenge on the body in order to complete it.  It is very important that you be extremely organized in order for you to earn your doctorate. Below are some guidelines that can assist you during the long haul of your studies.

  1. Learn about the department’s specific requirements and guidelines.  Most of these programs have already established formal dissertation procedures. It is imperative that you determine proposal requirements, paperwork and rules, time frames and other considerations.
  2. You need to go through a high quality doctoral dissertation that was done in your field. Get recommendations from your adviser. It’s very important that

Writing Dissertation Abstracts

Dissertation abstracts are short briefs that highlight the main ideologies of a thesis. There are two common of dissertation abstracts mainly informative dissertation abstract and descriptive dissertation abstract. There is a third one known as a critical dissertation abstract but it is not very common.

  A descriptive dissertation abstract looks more like the bare outlines of the ideas of the thesis, together with the scope and methodology of the research. There are no results or conclusions of the work. An informative abstract goes deeper than the descriptive in that it’s an edited form of the arguments made. The other difference is that there is a summary of the evidence that’s in the thesis. It is important to note that when writing dissertation abstracts you should:
  • Make a choice on the particular theme that you want to investigate.
  • Ba

Presenting a Case Study Analysis

Cases studies essentially being detailed records of development within a stated context, their creation of case studies will usually involve a critical analysis of data, or case study analysis. In business, a case study will additionally present tentative solutions to established business problems. The two kinds of case study analysis approach used in this field are Issue cases and Appraisal cases.

  Issue Case Study Analysis:  This type of analysis allows a company’s management to identify a specific problem through a detailed examination of the negative resulting effects surrounding it.   Appraisal Case Study Analysis: This type of analysis is supervisory measure. Once a problem has been identified, and a solution has been found and implemented in order to resolve it, the Appraisal analy