All Quiet on the Western Front

These are the guidelines for the paper to be written. Please read them over carefully. *MOST IMPORTANT-ARE THE HISTORICAL THINKING CATEGORIES. THESE MUST BE INCLUDED. Notice that the guidelines indicate that at least three (3) of the historical thinking categories need to be used to better understand the selected text. You can certainly use more. The guidelines, the historical thinking categories, and the rubric are all uploaded. If you do not received them please let me know asap. Please pay very close attention to the RUBRIC as your guide as well. This rubric is what the professor will use to grade the paper. If you feel that you are not able to write enough about themes for instance I can send you the class syllabus. Let me know that as well. You will write a 2000 to 3000-word paper. Do not count cover pages or bibliographies as part of the page count. Papers are typed, use 12 point naturally legible font, and be appropriately cited. APA citation. Emphasize analysis over plot summary by focusing on the following questions: 

•What themes are shared by both the selected book and our course of study? 

•How do the characters from the selected book reflect these themes? 

•How does the selected book reflect the time that it was written? How does the text reflect the goals or desires of the author? 

•How does the selected book link to issues of today? 

•How can at least three (3) of the historical thinking categories be used to better understand the selected text? (Uploaded to you and this section is very, very important to include). 

•How does the selected text reflect the political or social concerns of the time?(IMPORTANT) 

•What personal connections have you made to the selected text?When including discussion of the text, focus on concise summary. Keep the use of quoted material to a minimum. No quotes longer than two lines. I must have the paper back by: Wednesday, December 12, 2018 at 2:00 PM California time. 



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