A good research paper must have a good research paper thesis statement. Apparently, a research paper thesis is graded under a separate category. This is why you should put time and effort into your write-up.

To write a good research paper thesis statement, first find out what your paper is about. This is because the research paper thesis statement is a declarative statement on what your research revealed. It is what you want the reader to learn after reading your paper. In other words, the research paper defends the thesis statement.

Only include what you have covered in your research paper in your thesis statement. Make a point to be specific and brief. The research paper thesis statement must not be longer than a sentence. This will be in your introduction paragraph. A transition sentence should make it easier to create a flow with the rest of the paragraph.

A research paper thesis is a requirement for most degrees. It should express how the student, as an output has been molded over the academic years. It contains the following parts:


Other researchers want to know whether your research will suit them. The abstract should give them an idea of what your research paper thesis entails. It is usually written after the research is completed and is presented as a paper.

The abstract should be as concise as possible. The word count is about 200. The abstract should include the exact research question, a concise review of methodology used as well as a quick explanation of results plus the discussion.


It is the introduction that lays a foundation for your research paper thesis statement. Summarize the information from your literature review. A person reading the introduction in your research paper thesis wants to have an idea of how the research will be developed. The problem should be revealed and clearly put as a thesis statement or hypothesis. Here, a brief synopsis of what the discussion is will give the reader a complete picture of the research. This brevity considers that whoever is interested will read on.


A straightforward and thorough explanation of how the paper was done is included here. Give details, naming specific scientific techniques used. Make a point not to over explain, just be relevant.


Here you answer the question, how was the research completed? Which analyses were done, using which methods or computer programs, if any? This information is presented using graphs and pie charts, that is, visual aids. Photographs can also be used here. Research shows that people want to read data that is presented in a way that is stimulating.

Every approach used should be qualified using explanations that describe data given. These explanations should bridge the information presented from one to the other.


This is a look at the results of the paper beyond just what was found out. Information is presented in a specific way. It is here that points which were made earlier in the introduction are responded to.


How is the research relevant to the world? In the conclusion, you generalize results of the research and make a final statement that wraps up your work. There are usually calls here for further research with varied variables. This is meant to refine the work done. Sometimes the idea is just the applicability of the research in other geographical regions.

Reference List

A research paper thesis is not complete without references. Suit the referencing approach to the research field you are in.

To bring these parts of a research paper thesis together needs attention to detail.



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